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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2012

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:2013
Previous list:2011
Highest new entries:Ryann (new at 28),  Katherine (new at 54),  Ayla (new at 63),  Ivy (new at 65),  Faith (new at 73)
Largest rises:Aria +51 (now at 44),  Zoey +36 (now at 27),  Leah +35 (now at 39),  Madeline +28 (now at 63),  Violet +25 (now at 40)
Largest falls:Naomi -50 (now at 100),  Payton -40 (now at 90),  Autumn -30 (now at 93),  Ashley -29 (now at 100),  Sadie -24 (now at 82)

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1Oliviaup 1Graph
2Emma    down 1Graph
3Sophia Graph
4Emilyup 2Graph
5Ava    down 1Graph
6Ellaup 2Graph
7Chloe    down 2Graph
8Isabella    down 1Graph
9Averyup 8Graph
10Hannahup 1Graph
11Sophie    down 1Graph
12Abigail    down 3Graph
13Charlotteup 1Graph
14Lily    down 3Graph
15Brooklyn Graph
16Madison    down 3Graph
17Islaup 9Graph
18Grace    down 2Graph
19Mayaup 3Graph
20Ameliaup 2Graph
21Audreyup 15Graph
22Alexis    down 4Graph
23Claireup 1Graph
23Hailey    down 4Graph
25Sarahup 3Graph
26Elizabeth    down 7Graph
27Zoeyup 36Graph
28Ryannnew Graph
29Zoe    down 5Graph
30Mia    down 9Graph
31Anna    down 4Graph
31Victoriaup 4Graph
33Natalie    down 1Graph
34Stellaup 3Graph
35Mila    down 3Graph
36Juliaup 5Graph
36Taylorup 3Graph
38Evelynup 5Graph
39Leahup 35Graph
40Violetup 25Graph
41Mackenzieup 1Graph
42Samantha    down 3Graph
42Sofia    down 10Graph
44Ariaup 51Graph
45Isabelle    down 16Graph
45Paige Graph
47Mya    down 17Graph
48Ariannaup 10Graph
48Lucy Graph
50Evaup 10Graph
51Addison    down 21Graph
52Sienna    down 15Graph
53Claraup 13Graph
54Alexa    down 10Graph
54Kaitlynup 2Graph
54Katherinenew Graph
54Lillianup 12Graph
58Lauren    down 8Graph
58Scarlettup 2Graph
60Alexandra    down 4Graph
60Georgia    down 14Graph
60Jessica    down 12Graph
63Aylanew Graph
63Madelineup 28Graph
65Ivynew Graph
65Quinnup 17Graph
67Kaylaup 5Graph
67Keira    down 21Graph
67Laylaup 15Graph
67Nevaeh    down 7Graph
67Peyton    down 17Graph
67Rubyup 9Graph
73Faithnew Graph
73Kayleeup 12Graph
75Alyssa    down 21Graph
75Summernew Graph
77Aubreynew Graph
77Eliseup 14Graph
77Jasmine    down 11Graph
77Kateup 11Graph
77Sydney    down 23Graph
82Makayla    down 16Graph
82Sadie    down 24Graph
84Alice    down 5Graph
84Hazelnew Graph
84Mikaylanew Graph
84Pipernew Graph
88Harpernew Graph
88Kylienew Graph
90Khloenew Graph
90Payton    down 40Graph
90Rachel    down 14Graph
93Autumn    down 30Graph
93Brielle    down 21Graph
93Madeleinenew Graph
96Annabelle    down 1Graph
96Willownew Graph
98Brooke    down 22Graph
98Fionanew Graph
100Ashley    down 29Graph
100Aurora    down 9Graph
100Ellienew Graph
100Emilianew Graph
100Naomi    down 50Graph
100Saranew Graph