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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2009

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:2010
Previous list:2008
Highest new entries:Sebastian (new at 62),  Kayden (new at 76),  Linden (new at 83),  Armaan (new at 90),  Julian (new at 96)
Largest rises:Jaxon +38 (now at 62),  Jake +36 (now at 54),  Hudson +28 (now at 70),  Max +24 (now at 66),  Nolan +21 (now at 51)
Largest falls:Jonathan -28 (now at 86),  Zachary -23 (now at 62),  Christopher -22 (now at 87),  Aidan -22 (now at 72),  Joseph -21 (now at 66)

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1Ethan Graph
2Liamup 6Graph
3Jacob Graph
4Loganup 1Graph
5Noahup 6Graph
6Matthew Graph
7Lucas    down 3Graph
8Alexanderup 6Graph
8Benjamin    down 1Graph
10Nathan    down 8Graph
11Owenup 2Graph
12Ryan Graph
13Joshua    down 5Graph
14Williamup 2Graph
14Masonup 9Graph
16Danielup 1Graph
17James    down 7Graph
18Jack    down 3Graph
19Samuelup 1Graph
20Carterup 7Graph
20Oliverup 4Graph
22Evan    down 4Graph
23Jayden    down 4Graph
24Aiden    down 3Graph
25Dylan Graph
26Jacksonup 8Graph
27Gavinup 3Graph
28Ryderup 19Graph
28Nicholas    down 1Graph
30Riley    down 5Graph
31Andrewup 12Graph
31Connorup 1Graph
31Hunterup 8Graph
34Isaac    down 4Graph
35Tyler    down 8Graph
36Cole Graph
37Davidup 16Graph
37Marcusup 8Graph
37Calebup 5Graph
40Gabriel    down 6Graph
41Tristan    down 19Graph
42Michael    down 6Graph
43Adamup 4Graph
43Wyattup 12Graph
45Lukeup 13Graph
46Cameronup 7Graph
46Austin    down 8Graph
46Justin    down 14Graph
46Chaseup 11Graph
50Hayden    down 9Graph
51Leviup 14Graph
51Nolanup 21Graph
53Kai    down 3Graph
54Jakeup 36Graph
54Thomas    down 2Graph
56Elijahup 11Graph
57Dominicup 18Graph
57Jordan    down 8Graph
59Braydenup 8Graph
59Tyson    down 15Graph
61Brandon    down 1Graph
62Rylanup 15Graph
62Zachary    down 23Graph
62Sebastiannew Graph
62Jaxonup 38Graph
66Anthony    down 11Graph
66Maxup 24Graph
66Joseph    down 21Graph
69Brody    down 9Graph
70Hudsonup 28Graph
70Jesseup 7Graph
72Aidan    down 22Graph
72Aaron    down 10Graph
72Kyle Graph
72Landonup 5Graph
76Carson    down 5Graph
76Kaydennew Graph
76Jasonup 4Graph
76John    down 13Graph
76Blakeup 10Graph
81Cohen    down 6Graph
81Charlesup 4Graph
83Nathaniel    down 19Graph
83Lindennew Graph
85Parker    down 13Graph
86Jonathan    down 28Graph
87Christopher    down 22Graph
88Ashton    down 18Graph
89Coltonup 4Graph
90Henry    down 10Graph
90Armaannew Graph
90Lincoln    down 2Graph
93Kevin Graph
93Christianup 7Graph
95Eric    down 15Graph
96Robert    down 16Graph
96Juliannew Graph
98Kingstonnew Graph
98Iannew Graph
98Seth    down 8Graph