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Most Popular Names Australia/NSW 2012

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the most populous Australian state of New South Wales 2012
Source:NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Following list:2013
Previous list:2011
Highest new entries:Aria (new at 85),  Heidi (new at 87),  Amy (new at 89),  Mariam (new at 94),  Elise (new at 94)
Largest rises:Mackenzie +27 (now at 55),  Isabel +22 (now at 77),  Eden +21 (now at 73),  Harper +20 (now at 37),  Audrey +17 (now at 35)
Largest falls:Jade -18 (now at 89),  Samantha -17 (now at 91),  Paige -17 (now at 84),  Lara -16 (now at 63),  Milla -13 (now at 97)

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1Rubyup 1Graph
2Charlotteup 4Graph
3Emilyup 9Graph
4Olivia    down 1Graph
5Chloe    down 4Graph
6Ameliaup 4Graph
7Mia    down 2Graph
8Sophie    down 1Graph
9Isabella    down 5Graph
10Ava    down 1Graph
11Sienna    down 3Graph
12Ella    down 1Graph
13Grace Graph
14Sophiaup 1Graph
15Lily    down 2Graph
16Zoe Graph
17Emma Graph
18Matilda Graph
19Hannah Graph
20Lucyup 3Graph
21Ivyup 12Graph
22Isla Graph
23Scarlett Graph
24Jessica    down 4Graph
25Evieup 3Graph
26Eva    down 5Graph
26Zara Graph
28Laylaup 8Graph
29Georgia    down 6Graph
30Abigail    down 3Graph
31Isabelle    down 1Graph
31Sarah Graph
33Jasmine    down 4Graph
34Chelseaup 3Graph
35Sofia    down 3Graph
35Audreyup 17Graph
37Harperup 20Graph
38Savannahup 5Graph
39Alexisup 2Graph
40Annabelleup 6Graph
41Elizabethup 3Graph
42Madison    down 4Graph
43Willowup 12Graph
43Maddison    down 8Graph
45Bellaup 4Graph
45Lilly    down 11Graph
47Summer    down 7Graph
48Claireup 15Graph
49Alice    down 1Graph
50Maya    down 12Graph
51Hayley    down 2Graph
52Stellaup 2Graph
53Holly    down 11Graph
54Alyssaup 1Graph
55Roseup 10Graph
55Imogen    down 10Graph
55Mackenzieup 27Graph
55Addison    down 4Graph
59Milaup 12Graph
60Phoebeup 1Graph
61Molly    down 8Graph
62Piperup 5Graph
63Lara    down 16Graph
64Evelynup 3Graph
65Violetup 6Graph
66Anna    down 8Graph
67Aaliyahup 10Graph
68Victoriaup 7Graph
68Madeleineup 2Graph
68Ellie    down 10Graph
71Gabriella    down 7Graph
72Poppyup 6Graph
73Elizaup 2Graph
73Edenup 21Graph
75Mikayla    down 10Graph
75Indianaup 4Graph
77Amelieup 8Graph
77Tahliaup 3Graph
77Isabelup 22Graph
77Leahup 3Graph
81Kaylaup 9Graph
81Eloiseup 13Graph
83Eveup 16Graph
84Paige    down 17Graph
85Arianew Graph
86Lolaup 2Graph
87Heidinew Graph
88Alexandraup 6Graph
89Amynew Graph
89Jade    down 18Graph
91Charlieup 1Graph
91Samantha    down 17Graph
93Caitlin    down 8Graph
94Mariamnew Graph
94Angelina    down 2Graph
94Elisenew Graph
97Milla    down 13Graph
98Laurennew Graph
99Olivenew Graph
99Josephinenew Graph