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Most Popular Names Australia/NSW 2009

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the most populous Australian state of New South Wales 2009
Source:NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Following list:2010
Previous list:2008
Highest new entries:Ivy (new at 56),  Taylor (new at 66),  Poppy (new at 69),  Lillian (new at 78),  Addison (new at 80)
Largest rises:Charli +55 (now at 45),  Isla +39 (now at 35),  Alice +29 (now at 70),  Eliza +24 (now at 66),  Madeline +18 (now at 70)
Largest falls:Lauren -34 (now at 93),  Amy -33 (now at 70),  Abbey -29 (now at 93),  Laura -22 (now at 89),  Isabel -20 (now at 74)

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1Isabellaup 2Graph
2Chloe Graph
3Charlotteup 4Graph
4Oliviaup 1Graph
5Mia    down 4Graph
6Emily    down 2Graph
7Sophieup 2Graph
7Ella    down 1Graph
9Sienna    down 1Graph
10Ameliaup 1Graph
11Rubyup 4Graph
12Ava    down 2Graph
13Lily Graph
14Grace    down 2Graph
15Jessicaup 1Graph
16Matilda    down 2Graph
17Zoe Graph
18Hannah Graph
19Emmaup 1Graph
20Sarah    down 1Graph
21Georgia Graph
22Jasmine Graph
22Lucyup 1Graph
24Zaraup 8Graph
25Sophia Graph
26Chelsea Graph
26Isabelleup 2Graph
28Madison    down 4Graph
29Evaup 4Graph
30Hollyup 1Graph
31Abigailup 5Graph
32Lara    down 5Graph
33Lillyup 1Graph
34Maddison    down 6Graph
35Islaup 39Graph
36Tahliaup 6Graph
37Hayley    down 3Graph
38Scarlettup 1Graph
39Summerup 8Graph
40Alyssa    down 1Graph
40Elizabeth    down 12Graph
42Evieup 5Graph
43Bellaup 8Graph
44Annabelleup 17Graph
45Molly    down 7Graph
45Charliup 55Graph
47Laylaup 5Graph
48Samantha    down 7Graph
49Claireup 1Graph
50Caitlinup 5Graph
51Maya    down 2Graph
51Paige    down 9Graph
53Jade    down 9Graph
54Mikayla    down 10Graph
55Annaup 9Graph
56Ivynew Graph
57Imogen    down 11Graph
58Alexisup 12Graph
58Sofiaup 9Graph
58Kaylaup 5Graph
58Gabriella    down 1Graph
62Amberup 18Graph
63Stellaup 7Graph
64Keira    down 8Graph
65Phoebe    down 12Graph
66Elizaup 24Graph
66Taylornew Graph
68Amelieup 7Graph
69Poppynew Graph
70Aliceup 29Graph
70Angelina    down 13Graph
70Madelineup 18Graph
70Amy    down 33Graph
74Alexandra    down 4Graph
74Isabel    down 20Graph
76Roseup 16Graph
77Savannah    down 4Graph
78Madeleine    down 16Graph
78Lilliannew Graph
80Ellie    down 2Graph
80Addisonnew Graph
80Natalie    down 13Graph
83Kiaraup 4Graph
84Stephanie    down 20Graph
85Violetnew Graph
86Skyenew Graph
87Audrey    down 5Graph
88Willownew Graph
89Laura    down 22Graph
89Katieup 4Graph
91Gabriellenew Graph
91Talianew Graph
93Lauren    down 34Graph
93Abbey    down 29Graph
93Abby    down 10Graph
93Alananew Graph
97Aaliyahnew Graph
98Piperup 2Graph
98Mariam    down 8Graph
100Rachelnew Graph