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Most Popular Names England+Wales 2014

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in England+Wales 2014, with 2014 as a year of the 2010s
Source:General Register Office (GRO)
Series:England+Wales decades
Following list:-
Previous list:2004
Highest new entries:Theo (new at 37),  Zachary (new at 40),  Arthur (new at 41),  Harley (new at 45),  Reuben (new at 51)
Largest rises:Freddie +76 (now at 20),  Noah +63 (now at 11),  Logan +59 (now at 23),  Riley +55 (now at 35),  Jayden +52 (now at 43)
Largest falls:Callum -64 (now at 82),  Owen -58 (now at 92),  Jamie -55 (now at 88),  Connor -51 (now at 79),  Ryan -48 (now at 69)

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RankName+/- England+Wales 2004Graph
1Oliverup 6Graph
2Jack    down 1Graph
3Harryup 8Graph
4Jacobup 19Graph
5Charlieup 11Graph
6Thomas    down 3Graph
7Georgeup 10Graph
8Oscarup 50Graph
9James    down 5Graph
10William    down 2Graph
11Noahup 63Graph
12Alfieup 15Graph
13Joshua    down 11Graph
14Muhammadup 40Graph
15Henryup 33Graph
16Leoup 41Graph
17Archieup 29Graph
18Ethan    down 4Graph
19Joseph    down 9Graph
20Freddieup 76Graph
21Samuel    down 15Graph
22Alexander    down 3Graph
23Loganup 59Graph
24Daniel    down 19Graph
25Isaacup 34Graph
26Maxup 10Graph
27Mohammed    down 7Graph
28Benjamin    down 19Graph
29Masonup 48Graph
30Lucasup 46Graph
31Edwardup 12Graph
32Harrisonup 15Graph
33Jake    down 7Graph
34Dylan    down 12Graph
35Rileyup 55Graph
36Finleyup 34Graph
37Theonew Graph
38Sebastianup 51Graph
39Adam    down 15Graph
40Zacharynew Graph
41Arthurnew Graph
42Tobyup 8Graph
43Jaydenup 52Graph
44Luke    down 29Graph
45Harleynew Graph
46Lewis    down 33Graph
47Tyler    down 12Graph
48Harvey    down 16Graph
49Matthew    down 37Graph
50Davidup 6Graph
51Reubennew Graph
52Michael    down 13Graph
53Elijahnew Graph
54Kianup 9Graph
55Tommynew Graph
56Mohammadup 16Graph
57Blakenew Graph
58Lucaup 36Graph
59Theodorenew Graph
60Stanleynew Graph
61Jensonnew Graph
62Nathan    down 31Graph
63Charles    down 14Graph
64Frankienew Graph
65Judeup 28Graph
66Teddynew Graph
67Louieup 24Graph
68Louis    down 31Graph
69Ryan    down 48Graph
70Hugonew Graph
71Bobbynew Graph
72Elliottnew Graph
73Dexternew Graph
74Ollienew Graph
75Alex    down 30Graph
76Liam    down 46Graph
77Kai    down 16Graph
78Gabrielup 22Graph
79Connor    down 51Graph
80Aaron    down 39Graph
81Fredericknew Graph
82Callum    down 64Graph
83Elliotup 2Graph
84Albertnew Graph
85Leon    down 10Graph
86Ronnienew Graph
87Rorynew Graph
88Jamie    down 55Graph
89Austinnew Graph
90Sethnew Graph
91Ibrahimnew Graph
92Owen    down 58Graph
93Calebnew Graph
94Ellis    down 13Graph
95Sonnynew Graph
96Robert    down 36Graph
97Joeynew Graph
98Felixnew Graph
99Finlay    down 37Graph
100Jacksonnew Graph