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Most Popular Names New Zealand 2020

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in New Zealand 2020
Source:Department of Internal Affairs - Births, Deaths and Marriages
Series:New Zealand
Following list:2021
Previous list:2019
Highest new entries:Oakley (new at 71),  Quinn (new at 76),  River (new at 78),  Kingston (new at 92),  Patrick (new at 92)
Largest rises:Nikau +25 (now at 73),  Louis +24 (now at 51),  Luka +23 (now at 57),  Bodhi +21 (now at 63),  Jasper +18 (now at 45)
Largest falls:John -37 (now at 97),  Matthew -34 (now at 100),  Jaxon -31 (now at 88),  Ashton -19 (now at 97),  Jackson -17 (now at 43)

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1Oliver Graph
2Jackup 2Graph
3Noah    down 1Graph
4Leo    down 1Graph
5Lucas Graph
6George Graph
7Charlieup 3Graph
8Thomasup 1Graph
8William    down 1Graph
10Hunterup 2Graph
11Elijahup 7Graph
12Cooperup 11Graph
13James    down 6Graph
13Lachlanup 6Graph
13Theodoreup 2Graph
16Arlo    down 5Graph
17Mason    down 4Graph
18Liam    down 5Graph
19Oscar    down 3Graph
20Hudsonup 2Graph
21Archieup 10Graph
22Benjaminup 7Graph
22Lucaup 3Graph
24Carterup 4Graph
25Finnup 7Graph
25Hugoup 14Graph
25Max    down 4Graph
28Leviup 2Graph
29Ethan    down 12Graph
30Henry    down 10Graph
31Arthurup 4Graph
32Alexander    down 8Graph
33Harrison    down 1Graph
34Eliup 11Graph
35Theoup 8Graph
36Jacob    down 9Graph
36Joshua    down 2Graph
38Lukeup 10Graph
39Harry    down 1Graph
40Beau    down 1Graph
41Danielup 7Graph
42Calebup 1Graph
43Felixup 3Graph
43Jackson    down 17Graph
45Asherup 1Graph
45Ezraup 7Graph
45Jasperup 18Graph
48Ryan    down 7Graph
49Archerup 2Graph
49Samuel    down 12Graph
51Isaac    down 15Graph
51Louisup 24Graph
53Riley Graph
54Lincoln    down 13Graph
55Blake Graph
56Jordanup 17Graph
57Harvey    down 1Graph
57Lukaup 23Graph
59Austinup 5Graph
59Braxtonup 6Graph
59Connorup 7Graph
59Ryderup 7Graph
63Bodhiup 21Graph
63Logan    down 13Graph
63Louie    down 3Graph
66Edwardup 10Graph
66Grayson    down 9Graph
66Joseph    down 13Graph
69Romanup 1Graph
70Jayden    down 10Graph
71Oakleynew Graph
72Xavier    down 13Graph
73Flynnup 18Graph
73Nikauup 25Graph
73Toby    down 7Graph
76Aidenup 12Graph
76Quinnnew Graph
78Rivernew Graph
79Angus    down 6Graph
79Dylanup 5Graph
79Michaelup 10Graph
79Nathan    down 9Graph
79Sebastian    down 9Graph
84Davidup 14Graph
84Ezekiel Graph
86Adam    down 8Graph
86Charles    down 3Graph
88Jaxon    down 31Graph
89Harleyup 2Graph
89Zion    down 8Graph
91Micah Graph
92Kingstonnew Graph
92Patricknew Graph
94Manaianew Graph
95Spencernew Graph
95Zachary    down 5Graph
97Arinew Graph
97Ashton    down 19Graph
97John    down 37Graph
100Matthew    down 34Graph