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Most Popular Names New Zealand 2012

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in New Zealand 2012
Source:Department of Internal Affairs - Births, Deaths and Marriages
Series:New Zealand
Following list:2013
Previous list:2011
Highest new entries:Braxton (new at 28),  Hugo (new at 71),  Joel (new at 76),  Kayden (new at 76),  Beau (new at 82)
Largest rises:Ryder +23 (now at 51),  Quinn +15 (now at 64),  Edward +14 (now at 70),  Leo +13 (now at 23),  Phoenix +10 (now at 57)
Largest falls:Cameron -23 (now at 72),  Aiden -23 (now at 73),  Aidan -18 (now at 93),  Adam -13 (now at 83),  Riley -13 (now at 34)

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1Jackup 9Graph
2Oliverup 1Graph
3Williamup 2Graph
4Liam    down 3Graph
5Masonup 10Graph
6Samuelup 1Graph
7Jacobup 4Graph
8Lucas    down 4Graph
8Ethanup 8Graph
10Noah    down 4Graph
11James    down 3Graph
12Cooper Graph
13Danielup 4Graph
14Blakeup 10Graph
15Benjamin    down 6Graph
15Joshua    down 13Graph
17Max Graph
18Thomasup 1Graph
19Ryan    down 7Graph
20Charlieup 7Graph
21Jaydenup 4Graph
21Hunter    down 7Graph
23Leoup 13Graph
24Tylerup 5Graph
25Alexanderup 3Graph
26Georgeup 4Graph
26Jacksonup 7Graph
28Braxtonnew Graph
29Elijahup 5Graph
29Lachlan    down 9Graph
31Isaac    down 10Graph
32Levi    down 9Graph
32Connor    down 2Graph
34Riley    down 13Graph
35Xavier    down 3Graph
36Matthewup 4Graph
36Harryup 5Graph
38Luke    down 12Graph
39Eli    down 4Graph
39Caleb    down 1Graph
41Nathanup 4Graph
42Oscarup 5Graph
42Carterup 10Graph
44Dylan    down 5Graph
44Joseph Graph
46Logan    down 10Graph
47Finn    down 4Graph
48Harrisonup 3Graph
48Henryup 4Graph
50Jake    down 5Graph
51Ryderup 23Graph
51Tobyup 4Graph
53Michaelup 1Graph
54Austinup 9Graph
54Luca    down 12Graph
54Johnup 8Graph
57Phoenixup 10Graph
57Alex    down 9Graph
59Zacharyup 2Graph
59Flynn    down 3Graph
59Jaxon    down 1Graph
62Angusup 4Graph
62Jordanup 1Graph
64Charlesup 9Graph
64Quinnup 15Graph
64David    down 5Graph
67Felix    down 8Graph
67Archieup 5Graph
67Ashton    down 10Graph
70Edwardup 14Graph
71Hugonew Graph
72Cameron    down 23Graph
73Aiden    down 23Graph
74Sam    down 9Graph
75Louis    down 8Graph
76Joelnew Graph
76Kaydennew Graph
78Kingston    down 1Graph
79Nathaniel Graph
79Robertup 9Graph
79Lincolnup 3Graph
82Beaunew Graph
83Adam    down 13Graph
84Jaspernew Graph
84Tysonup 8Graph
84Dominicnew Graph
84Zacup 5Graph
88Haydennew Graph
88Fletcher    down 4Graph
90Sebastian    down 8Graph
91Aaronnew Graph
91Israelnew Graph
93Marcus    down 9Graph
93Aidan    down 18Graph
95Ashernew Graph
95Zion    down 6Graph
97Patrickup 1Graph
97Leonnew Graph
99Christopher    down 2Graph
99Natenew Graph