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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2021

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:2022
Previous list:2020
Highest new entries:Cooper (new at 62),  Brooks (new at 70),  Isaiah (new at 70),  Myles (new at 83),  Jace (new at 87)
Largest rises:Maxwell +30 (now at 65),  George +28 (now at 70),  Miles +28 (now at 32),  Luka +25 (now at 70),  Beau +25 (now at 48)
Largest falls:Jordan -27 (now at 98),  Eli -25 (now at 80),  Joshua -23 (now at 96),  Elias -23 (now at 75),  Isaac -21 (now at 55)

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1Liam Graph
2Noahup 1Graph
3Jackup 5Graph
4Theodoreup 1Graph
5Benjamin Graph
6Oliver    down 4Graph
7Owenup 5Graph
8Leoup 1Graph
9Ethan    down 2Graph
10Loganup 4Graph
11Lucas    down 7Graph
12Henryup 4Graph
13William    down 3Graph
14James    down 3Graph
15Mason    down 2Graph
16Hudsonup 2Graph
17Leviup 2Graph
18Jacob    down 2Graph
19Nathanup 2Graph
19Gabrielup 17Graph
21Alexander    down 6Graph
22Lucaup 22Graph
23Elijahup 14Graph
24Wyattup 2Graph
25Aidenup 2Graph
26Jackson    down 6Graph
27Graysonup 4Graph
28Danielup 2Graph
28Carterup 7Graph
30Thomas    down 8Graph
31Bowenup 18Graph
32Lincoln    down 1Graph
32Milesup 28Graph
34Kai    down 7Graph
35Jayden    down 11Graph
35Jasper    down 6Graph
35Maverickup 2Graph
35Theoup 20Graph
39Ezraup 24Graph
40Charles    down 9Graph
41Ryan    down 17Graph
42Calebup 3Graph
43Asher    down 21Graph
43Jaxon    down 3Graph
45Hunter    down 8Graph
46Austin    down 4Graph
46Felixup 12Graph
48Maxup 10Graph
48Beauup 25Graph
50Bennettup 13Graph
50Emmettup 13Graph
52Samuel    down 12Graph
52Adam    down 7Graph
52Mateoup 9Graph
55Isaac    down 21Graph
55Charlieup 8Graph
57Everett    down 5Graph
58Evan    down 11Graph
59Arthur    down 8Graph
60Nolan    down 5Graph
61Rowanup 7Graph
62Luke    down 20Graph
62Haydenup 20Graph
62Coopernew Graph
65Maxwellup 30Graph
66Connor    down 19Graph
66Wesleyup 2Graph
68Marcusup 8Graph
69Declan    down 6Graph
70Parkerup 24Graph
70Lukaup 25Graph
70Georgeup 28Graph
70Brooksnew Graph
70Isaiahnew Graph
75Elias    down 23Graph
75John    down 14Graph
75Sebastian    down 4Graph
75Westonup 4Graph
75Dylanup 7Graph
80Eli    down 25Graph
80Oscar    down 1Graph
80Axelup 12Graph
83River    down 2Graph
83Arloup 4Graph
83Elliotup 15Graph
83Mylesnew Graph
87Joseph Graph
87Jacenew Graph
89Matthew    down 21Graph
89Michael    down 13Graph
89Finn    down 11Graph
89Harrisonnew Graph
93Dominicnew Graph
94Rykerup 6Graph
94Rydernew Graph
96Joshua    down 23Graph
96Aaron    down 9Graph
98Jordan    down 27Graph
98Judenew Graph
100Sawyer    down 16Graph
100Kayden    down 8Graph
100Enzonew Graph