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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2020

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:2021
Previous list:2019
Highest new entries:Carson (new at 73),  Finn (new at 78),  River (new at 81),  Micah (new at 87),  Axel (new at 92)
Largest rises:Maverick +42 (now at 37),  Declan +27 (now at 63),  Charles +26 (now at 31),  Jordan +25 (now at 71),  Zachary +20 (now at 52)
Largest falls:Sebastian -28 (now at 71),  Aaron -23 (now at 87),  Matthew -21 (now at 68),  Weston -21 (now at 79),  Rowan -20 (now at 68)

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1Liamup 1Graph
2Oliver    down 1Graph
3Noahup 2Graph
4Lucas    down 1Graph
5Benjaminup 2Graph
5Theodoreup 3Graph
7Ethan    down 3Graph
8Jackup 5Graph
9Leo Graph
10William    down 4Graph
11Jamesup 4Graph
12Owen Graph
13Masonup 8Graph
14Logan    down 4Graph
15Alexanderup 4Graph
16Henry    down 5Graph
16Jacob    down 2Graph
18Hudson    down 1Graph
19Levi    down 1Graph
20Jackson    down 4Graph
21Nathanup 5Graph
22Asherup 10Graph
22Thomasup 1Graph
24Jayden    down 2Graph
24Ryan Graph
26Wyattup 6Graph
27Aiden Graph
27Kaiup 12Graph
29Jasper    down 1Graph
30Daniel    down 10Graph
31Charlesup 26Graph
31Grayson    down 6Graph
31Lincolnup 5Graph
34Isaacup 1Graph
35Carterup 5Graph
36Gabriel Graph
37Elijahup 4Graph
37Hunter    down 5Graph
37Maverickup 42Graph
40Jaxon    down 11Graph
40Samuel    down 11Graph
42Austin    down 6Graph
42Luke Graph
44Lucaup 7Graph
45Adamup 6Graph
45Calebup 14Graph
47Connor    down 1Graph
47Evan    down 16Graph
49Bowenup 10Graph
50Davidup 5Graph
51Arthur    down 3Graph
52Eliasup 16Graph
52Everettup 1Graph
52Zacharyup 20Graph
55Eliup 4Graph
55Nolan Graph
55Theo    down 7Graph
58Felix    down 13Graph
58Max    down 14Graph
60Milesup 4Graph
61Johnup 7Graph
61Mateo    down 2Graph
63Bennettup 14Graph
63Charlieup 12Graph
63Declanup 27Graph
63Emmett    down 9Graph
63Ezraup 17Graph
68Matthew    down 21Graph
68Rowan    down 20Graph
68Wesleyup 18Graph
71Jordanup 25Graph
71Sebastian    down 28Graph
73Beau    down 1Graph
73Carsonnew Graph
73Joshua    down 14Graph
76Marcus    down 12Graph
76Michael    down 8Graph
78Finnnew Graph
79Oscarup 4Graph
79Weston    down 21Graph
81Rivernew Graph
82Dylanup 14Graph
82Haydenup 4Graph
84Miloup 15Graph
84Nicholasup 7Graph
84Sawyer    down 1Graph
87Aaron    down 23Graph
87Arlo    down 19Graph
87Josephup 9Graph
87Micahnew Graph
87Roman    down 13Graph
92Axelnew Graph
92Kaydennew Graph
94Parker    down 14Graph
95Luka    down 20Graph
95Maxwell    down 1Graph
95Silasnew Graph
98Elliotnew Graph
98George    down 15Graph
100Bodhinew Graph
100Eastonnew Graph
100Rileynew Graph
100Ryker    down 1Graph