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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2022

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:-
Previous list:2021
Highest new entries:David (new at 63),  Atlas (new at 66),  Milo (new at 70),  Zachary (new at 78),  Gurbaaz (new at 79)
Largest rises:Arlo +35 (now at 48),  Kayden +33 (now at 67),  Rowan +31 (now at 30),  Matthew +31 (now at 58),  Samuel +28 (now at 24)
Largest falls:Charles -36 (now at 76),  Gabriel -35 (now at 54),  Hayden -34 (now at 96),  Maverick -28 (now at 63),  Lincoln -23 (now at 55)

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1Noahup 1Graph
2Oliverup 4Graph
3Liam    down 2Graph
4Theodore Graph
5Jack    down 2Graph
6Lucasup 5Graph
6Leoup 2Graph
8Ethanup 1Graph
9Benjamin    down 4Graph
10Owen    down 3Graph
11Jamesup 3Graph
12Henry Graph
13William Graph
14Leviup 3Graph
15Logan    down 5Graph
16Alexanderup 5Graph
17Lucaup 5Graph
18Thomasup 12Graph
19Theoup 16Graph
19Aidenup 6Graph
21Jacksonup 5Graph
22Hudson    down 6Graph
22Jacob    down 4Graph
24Samuelup 28Graph
25Kaiup 9Graph
25Jasperup 10Graph
25Milesup 7Graph
28Daniel Graph
28Nathan    down 9Graph
30Ezraup 9Graph
30Wyatt    down 6Graph
30Rowanup 31Graph
33Calebup 9Graph
34Carter    down 6Graph
35Mason    down 20Graph
36Jayden    down 1Graph
37Isaacup 18Graph
37Lukeup 25Graph
39Everettup 18Graph
39Bennettup 11Graph
41Charlieup 14Graph
41Elijah    down 18Graph
43Beauup 5Graph
44Adamup 8Graph
44Grayson    down 17Graph
46Ryan    down 5Graph
46Hunter    down 1Graph
48Arloup 35Graph
48Felix    down 2Graph
50Asher    down 7Graph
50Bowen    down 19Graph
50Sebastianup 25Graph
50Nolanup 10Graph
54Gabriel    down 35Graph
55Lincoln    down 23Graph
56Arthurup 3Graph
57Parkerup 13Graph
58Matthewup 31Graph
59Jaxon    down 16Graph
60Wesleyup 6Graph
60Eliasup 15Graph
60Max    down 12Graph
63Mylesup 20Graph
63Maverick    down 28Graph
63Davidnew Graph
66Atlasnew Graph
67Emmett    down 17Graph
67Kaydenup 33Graph
67Austin    down 21Graph
70Milonew Graph
71Marcus    down 3Graph
71Mateo    down 19Graph
71Michaelup 18Graph
71Riverup 12Graph
71Evan    down 13Graph
76Charles    down 36Graph
76Oscarup 4Graph
78Zacharynew Graph
79Enzoup 21Graph
79Harrisonup 10Graph
79John    down 4Graph
79Cooper    down 17Graph
79Jordanup 19Graph
79Gurbaaznew Graph
85Dominicup 8Graph
86Finnup 3Graph
86Luka    down 16Graph
88Romannew Graph
88Connor    down 22Graph
88George    down 18Graph
91Matteonew Graph
91Declan    down 22Graph
91Eli    down 11Graph
91Leonnew Graph
91Elliot    down 8Graph
96Sawyerup 4Graph
96Dylan    down 21Graph
96Hayden    down 34Graph
99Silasnew Graph
99Iannew Graph