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Most Popular Names Australia/NSW 2017

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the most populous Australian state of New South Wales 2017
Source:NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Following list:2018
Previous list:2016
Highest new entries:Luna (new at 69),  Elena (new at 81),  Maryam (new at 85),  Lillian (new at 86),  Freya (new at 90)
Largest rises:Aurora +33 (now at 47),  Florence +27 (now at 58),  Phoebe +16 (now at 42),  Aaliyah +16 (now at 65),  Bonnie +16 (now at 80)
Largest falls:Jessica -26 (now at 96),  Maddison -20 (now at 65),  Rose -19 (now at 74),  Victoria -16 (now at 95),  Alyssa -15 (now at 91)

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1Charlotteup 1Graph
2Olivia    down 1Graph
3Avaup 1Graph
4Amelia    down 1Graph
5Mia Graph
6Islaup 2Graph
7Chloe    down 1Graph
8Grace Graph
9Ellaup 8Graph
10Zoeup 2Graph
11Isabella Graph
12Harperup 7Graph
13Sophieup 1Graph
14Emily    down 7Graph
15Sophia    down 2Graph
16Ruby    down 6Graph
17Evelynup 1Graph
18Ivy    down 2Graph
19Evie    down 5Graph
20Sienna Graph
21Willowup 13Graph
22Lilyup 2Graph
23Ariaup 9Graph
23Emmaup 4Graph
25Matilda    down 4Graph
26Georgia    down 1Graph
27Audreyup 8Graph
28Hannah Graph
29Isabelleup 4Graph
29Zara    down 6Graph
31Milaup 8Graph
31Scarlett    down 9Graph
33Eva    down 7Graph
33Lucy    down 4Graph
35Abigail    down 5Graph
36Layla    down 6Graph
37Alice    down 1Graph
38Sofia Graph
39Annabelle    down 2Graph
40Mayaup 6Graph
41Violetup 2Graph
42Phoebeup 16Graph
43Elizabethup 3Graph
43Ellie    down 2Graph
45Stella    down 5Graph
46Sarahup 8Graph
47Auroraup 33Graph
48Annaup 8Graph
48Claireup 9Graph
48Piperup 2Graph
48Savannah    down 5Graph
52Hazelup 12Graph
53Jasmine    down 11Graph
54Mackenzie    down 1Graph
54Penelope    down 2Graph
56Emilia    down 8Graph
56Poppyup 5Graph
58Florenceup 27Graph
59Chelseaup 7Graph
59Eleanor    down 10Graph
61Summerup 12Graph
62Frankie    down 1Graph
62Imogen    down 12Graph
64Harrietup 11Graph
65Aaliyahup 16Graph
65Alexis    down 6Graph
65Elsieup 5Graph
65Maddison    down 20Graph
69Ariana    down 9Graph
69Eloiseup 5Graph
69Lunanew Graph
72Lara    down 2Graph
73Bella    down 10Graph
74Daisyup 7Graph
74Rose    down 19Graph
76Indiana    down 7Graph
77Lolaup 7Graph
78Addison    down 11Graph
78Madeleine    down 13Graph
80Bonnieup 16Graph
81Elenanew Graph
82Madison    down 15Graph
83Aylaup 6Graph
83Eden    down 7Graph
85Maryamnew Graph
86Lilliannew Graph
86Oliveup 4Graph
88Billie    down 10Graph
88Lillyup 11Graph
90Freyanew Graph
91Alyssa    down 15Graph
92Elizaup 7Graph
92Isabel    down 5Graph
92Zahranew Graph
95Victoria    down 16Graph
96Jessica    down 26Graph
97Harlownew Graph
98Millienew Graph
99Mariamnew Graph
100Eliananew Graph