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Most Popular Names Australia/NSW 2016

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the most populous Australian state of New South Wales 2016
Source:NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Following list:2017
Previous list:2015
Highest new entries:Florence (new at 85),  Heidi (new at 87),  Hayley (new at 90),  Thea (new at 90),  Josephine (new at 94)
Largest rises:Emilia +30 (now at 48),  Rose +25 (now at 55),  Billie +21 (now at 78),  Penelope +18 (now at 52),  Madeline +14 (now at 85)
Largest falls:Victoria -29 (now at 79),  Jessica -24 (now at 70),  Lilly -19 (now at 99),  Isabel -16 (now at 87),  Molly -16 (now at 90)

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1Oliviaup 1Graph
2Charlotte    down 1Graph
3Ameliaup 1Graph
4Avaup 1Graph
5Mia    down 2Graph
6Chloe Graph
7Emily Graph
8Graceup 1Graph
8Islaup 5Graph
10Rubyup 4Graph
11Isabellaup 1Graph
12Zoe    down 4Graph
13Sophia    down 3Graph
14Evieup 3Graph
14Sophie    down 3Graph
16Ivy    down 1Graph
17Ella    down 1Graph
18Evelynup 4Graph
19Harperup 2Graph
20Sienna    down 2Graph
21Matilda    down 2Graph
22Scarlett    down 2Graph
23Zaraup 6Graph
24Lily    down 1Graph
25Georgia Graph
26Eva Graph
27Emma    down 3Graph
28Hannah Graph
29Lucy    down 2Graph
30Abigailup 2Graph
30Laylaup 7Graph
32Ariaup 2Graph
33Isabelle    down 3Graph
34Willow    down 3Graph
35Audrey    down 2Graph
36Aliceup 10Graph
37Annabelle    down 1Graph
38Sofia    down 3Graph
39Mila Graph
40Stellaup 2Graph
41Ellieup 5Graph
42Jasmineup 11Graph
43Savannahup 1Graph
43Violet    down 5Graph
45Maddisonup 4Graph
46Elizabeth    down 1Graph
46Mayaup 8Graph
48Emiliaup 30Graph
49Eleanorup 6Graph
50Imogen    down 10Graph
50Piper    down 7Graph
52Penelopeup 18Graph
53Mackenzie    down 1Graph
54Sarah    down 14Graph
55Roseup 25Graph
56Annaup 9Graph
57Claire    down 2Graph
58Phoebeup 1Graph
59Alexis    down 1Graph
60Ariana    down 10Graph
61Frankieup 13Graph
61Poppyup 12Graph
63Bellaup 13Graph
64Hazelup 3Graph
65Madeleineup 3Graph
66Chelsea    down 5Graph
67Addisonup 1Graph
67Madison    down 10Graph
69Indiana    down 9Graph
70Elsieup 1Graph
70Jessica    down 24Graph
70Lara    down 4Graph
73Summer    down 11Graph
74Eloiseup 8Graph
75Harrietup 7Graph
76Alyssa    down 14Graph
76Eden    down 12Graph
78Billieup 21Graph
79Victoria    down 29Graph
80Aurora    down 1Graph
81Aaliyahup 10Graph
81Aisha    down 5Graph
81Daisyup 6Graph
84Lolaup 2Graph
85Florencenew Graph
85Madelineup 14Graph
87Heidinew Graph
87Isabel    down 16Graph
89Ayla    down 7Graph
90Hayleynew Graph
90Molly    down 16Graph
90Olive    down 1Graph
90Theanew Graph
94Josephinenew Graph
95Paigeup 3Graph
96Amelienew Graph
96Bonnienew Graph
98Eve    down 3Graph
99Eliza    down 9Graph
99Lilly    down 19Graph