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Most Popular Names England+Wales 1914

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in England+Wales 1914, with 1914 as the year of the second decade
Source:General Register Office (GRO)
Series:England+Wales decades
Following list:1924
Previous list:1904
Highest new entries:Roy (new at 64),  Vincent (new at 91),  Basil (new at 92),  Paul (new at 93),  Phillip (new at 99)
Largest rises:Dennis +31 (now at 56),  Denis +29 (now at 69),  Gordon +28 (now at 54),  Raymond +22 (now at 51),  Ronald +20 (now at 21)
Largest falls:Archibald -28 (now at 88),  Percival -22 (now at 94),  Edgar -16 (now at 65),  Percy -15 (now at 44),  Claude -14 (now at 97)

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RankName+/- England+Wales 1904Graph
1Johnup 1Graph
2William    down 1Graph
3George Graph
4Thomas Graph
5Jamesup 1Graph
6Arthur    down 1Graph
7Frederickup 1Graph
8Albertup 1Graph
9Charles    down 2Graph
10Robertup 5Graph
11Edwardup 1Graph
12Josephup 1Graph
13Ernest    down 3Graph
14Alfred    down 3Graph
15Frankup 1Graph
16Henryup 1Graph
17Leslieup 7Graph
18Harold    down 4Graph
19Harry    down 1Graph
20Leonardup 2Graph
21Ronaldup 20Graph
22Stanleyup 1Graph
23Walter    down 4Graph
24Reginald    down 4Graph
25Herbert    down 4Graph
26Richard    down 1Graph
27Ericup 8Graph
28Normanup 5Graph
29Cyril    down 3Graph
30Jackup 9Graph
31Sidney    down 4Graph
32David    down 2Graph
33Kennethup 19Graph
34Francis    down 6Graph
35Wilfred    down 4Graph
36Samuel    down 4Graph
37Sydney    down 1Graph
38Patrickup 6Graph
39Michaelup 7Graph
40Bernardup 5Graph
41Donaldup 10Graph
42Peterup 17Graph
43Horace    down 6Graph
44Percy    down 15Graph
45Clifford    down 2Graph
46Cecil    down 12Graph
47Fred    down 9Graph
48Mauriceup 2Graph
49Victor    down 2Graph
50Edwin    down 10Graph
51Raymondup 22Graph
52Philip    down 4Graph
53Alexander    down 11Graph
54Gordonup 28Graph
55Geoffreyup 3Graph
56Dennisup 31Graph
57Douglas    down 3Graph
58Alanup 4Graph
59Daniel    down 2Graph
60Ralphup 6Graph
61Hugh    down 6Graph
62Lawrence    down 6Graph
63Benjamin    down 10Graph
64Roynew Graph
65Edgar    down 16Graph
66Christopher    down 5Graph
67Andrewup 4Graph
68Stephen    down 1Graph
69Denisup 29Graph
70Gerald    down 2Graph
71Hubert    down 6Graph
72Gilbert    down 8Graph
73Ivorup 6Graph
74Tom    down 11Graph
75Arnold Graph
76Anthonyup 15Graph
77Bertram    down 3Graph
78Lewis    down 8Graph
79Louis    down 1Graph
80Edmund    down 4Graph
81Lionelup 5Graph
82Colinup 14Graph
83Roland    down 3Graph
84Alecup 6Graph
85Matthew    down 1Graph
86Martin    down 1Graph
87Laurenceup 12Graph
88Archibald    down 28Graph
89Allanup 3Graph
90Clarence    down 13Graph
91Vincentnew Graph
92Basilnew Graph
93Paulnew Graph
94Percival    down 22Graph
95Howard Graph
96Evan    down 8Graph
97Claude    down 14Graph
98Owen    down 4Graph
99Phillipnew Graph
100Trevornew Graph