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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2015

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:2016
Previous list:2014
Highest new entries:Cohen (new at 71),  Bennett (new at 74),  Nathaniel (new at 76),  Cole (new at 82),  Armaan (new at 90)
Largest rises:Sawyer +46 (now at 46),  Linden +35 (now at 62),  Lincoln +34 (now at 26),  Chase +31 (now at 66),  Eli +30 (now at 46)
Largest falls:Nicholas -33 (now at 76),  Riley -30 (now at 86),  Joshua -28 (now at 52),  Colton -25 (now at 98),  Cameron -22 (now at 98)

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1Oliverup 3Graph
2Ethan    down 1Graph
3Liam    down 1Graph
4Benjaminup 2Graph
5Lucas    down 2Graph
6Jacobup 2Graph
7Alexanderup 4Graph
8Mason    down 3Graph
9William    down 2Graph
10Hunterup 6Graph
11Jamesup 1Graph
12Logan    down 2Graph
13Owenup 1Graph
14Noah    down 5Graph
15Carterup 7Graph
16Nathan    down 3Graph
17Jackup 1Graph
18Aidenup 5Graph
19Jacksonup 1Graph
20Jayden    down 3Graph
21Samuel    down 1Graph
22Ryan    down 8Graph
23Daniel    down 4Graph
24Hudsonup 1Graph
24Isaacup 3Graph
26Lincolnup 34Graph
27Gabrielup 16Graph
28Evan    down 2Graph
29Austinup 7Graph
30Wyattup 4Graph
31Grayson    down 2Graph
32Henryup 1Graph
33Connorup 16Graph
33Matthew    down 6Graph
35Theodoreup 16Graph
36Caleb    down 5Graph
36Thomasup 2Graph
38Elijahup 1Graph
39Leo    down 9Graph
40Leviup 6Graph
41Luke    down 7Graph
42Zachary    down 1Graph
43Jaxon    down 12Graph
44Marcus    down 5Graph
44Ryder    down 1Graph
46Declanup 3Graph
46Dylan    down 5Graph
46Eliup 30Graph
46Michael Graph
46Sawyerup 46Graph
46Sebastianup 7Graph
52Charlesup 8Graph
52Joshua    down 28Graph
52Parker    down 6Graph
55Asherup 13Graph
56Johnup 3Graph
56Kai    down 20Graph
58Adam    down 3Graph
58Nolanup 8Graph
60Davidup 11Graph
60Max    down 4Graph
62Andrew    down 2Graph
62Lindenup 35Graph
64Blake    down 10Graph
64Gavin    down 8Graph
66Chaseup 31Graph
66Luca    down 2Graph
68Dominic    down 17Graph
69Joseph    down 6Graph
70Everettup 27Graph
71Cohennew Graph
71Emmett    down 2Graph
71Westonup 26Graph
74Bennettnew Graph
74Felixup 2Graph
76Nathanielnew Graph
76Nicholas    down 33Graph
78Jason    down 9Graph
78Jordanup 4Graph
78Kaydenup 8Graph
78Landon    down 14Graph
82Colenew Graph
82Haydenup 13Graph
82Tristan    down 7Graph
82Tylerup 4Graph
86Anthony    down 13Graph
86Jasper    down 10Graph
86Riley    down 30Graph
86Ryker    down 4Graph
90Armaannew Graph
90Brayden    down 4Graph
90Coopernew Graph
90Tyson    down 14Graph
94Harrison    down 8Graph
95Eastonnew Graph
95Mateonew Graph
97Silasnew Graph
98Cameron    down 22Graph
98Colton    down 25Graph
98Greysonnew Graph
98Jace    down 12Graph
98Jonathan    down 14Graph
98Xaviernew Graph