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Most Popular Names England+Wales 1994

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in England+Wales 1994, with 1994 as the year of the Nineties
Source:General Register Office (GRO)
Series:England+Wales decades
Following list:2004
Previous list:1984
Highest new entries:Bethany (new at 15),  Megan (new at 17),  Olivia (new at 24),  Georgia (new at 29),  Shannon (new at 33)
Largest rises:Chloe +86 (now at 11),  Alice +65 (now at 18),  Abigail +57 (now at 23),  Jade +57 (now at 16),  Georgina +49 (now at 35)
Largest falls:Lisa -65 (now at 79),  Joanna -63 (now at 97),  Helen -59 (now at 80),  Kerry -58 (now at 93),  Claire -57 (now at 63)

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RankName+/- England+Wales 1984Graph
1Rebeccaup 4Graph
2Laurenup 31Graph
3Jessicaup 37Graph
4Charlotteup 18Graph
5Hannahup 15Graph
6Sophieup 32Graph
7Amyup 3Graph
8Emilyup 28Graph
9Laura    down 7Graph
10Emma    down 6Graph
11Chloeup 86Graph
12Sarah    down 11Graph
13Lucyup 11Graph
14Katie    down 1Graph
15Bethanynew Graph
16Jadeup 57Graph
17Megannew Graph
18Aliceup 65Graph
19Rachel    down 10Graph
20Samantha    down 12Graph
21Danielleup 6Graph
22Hollyup 37Graph
23Abigailup 57Graph
24Olivianew Graph
25Stephanieup 6Graph
26Elizabeth    down 1Graph
27Victoria    down 20Graph
28Natashaup 19Graph
29Georgianew Graph
30Zoeup 11Graph
31Natalie    down 15Graph
32Eleanorup 44Graph
33Shannonnew Graph
34Paigenew Graph
35Georginaup 49Graph
36Gemma    down 33Graph
37Nicolenew Graph
38Chelseanew Graph
39Kirstyup 3Graph
40Alexandraup 12Graph
41Melissaup 21Graph
42Jennifer    down 31Graph
43Hayley    down 24Graph
44Louise    down 27Graph
45Katherine    down 16Graph
46Jodieup 7Graph
47Gracenew Graph
48Anna    down 9Graph
49Mollynew Graph
50Ambernew Graph
51Jasminenew Graph
52Kayleighnew Graph
53Kelly    down 38Graph
54Harrietnew Graph
55Ashleighnew Graph
56Catherine    down 19Graph
57Leahup 42Graph
58Nicola    down 46Graph
59Francescanew Graph
60Naomiup 7Graph
61Kate    down 17Graph
62Abbienew Graph
63Claire    down 57Graph
64Leanne    down 38Graph
65Rachael    down 17Graph
66Rosienew Graph
67Aimeeup 18Graph
68Ellienew Graph
69Sianup 5Graph
70Kimberley    down 27Graph
71Lydianew Graph
72Hollienew Graph
73Stacey    down 41Graph
74Bethannew Graph
75Amelianew Graph
76Bethnew Graph
77Kathryn    down 27Graph
78Heather    down 20Graph
79Lisa    down 65Graph
80Helen    down 59Graph
81Ellanew Graph
82Robynnew Graph
83Chantellenew Graph
84Ellennew Graph
85Daisynew Graph
86Deminew Graph
87Courtneynew Graph
88Gabriellenew Graph
89Yasminnew Graph
90Lilynew Graph
91Rhiannonnew Graph
92Maria    down 14Graph
93Kerry    down 58Graph
94Imogennew Graph
95Rebekahnew Graph
96Jordannew Graph
97Joanna    down 63Graph
98Caitlinnew Graph
99Jemma    down 43Graph
100Toni Graph