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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2017

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:2018
Previous list:2016
Highest new entries:Finn (new at 69),  Ryker (new at 73),  Weston (new at 75),  Jonathan (new at 79),  Mateo (new at 84)
Largest rises:Jasper +32 (now at 39),  Rowan +23 (now at 60),  Andrew +20 (now at 65),  Ezra +18 (now at 76),  Arlo +18 (now at 76)
Largest falls:Ryder -41 (now at 92),  Brayden -20 (now at 99),  Landon -19 (now at 84),  Easton -18 (now at 69),  Dylan -17 (now at 60)

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1Benjaminup 1Graph
2Liamup 3Graph
3Loganup 9Graph
4Lucas    down 3Graph
5Ethan    down 2Graph
5Jamesup 2Graph
7Oliver    down 3Graph
8Noah    down 2Graph
9William    down 1Graph
10Owen Graph
11Jacob    down 2Graph
12Alexanderup 1Graph
13Jackup 1Graph
14Leoup 10Graph
15Danielup 3Graph
16Masonup 4Graph
17Aiden Graph
18Hunterup 3Graph
19Henryup 13Graph
20Carterup 1Graph
21Hudson    down 10Graph
22Nathan    down 7Graph
22Theodoreup 6Graph
24Ryan    down 1Graph
25Jackson    down 7Graph
26Lincoln    down 11Graph
27Leviup 10Graph
28Austin    down 4Graph
28Connorup 7Graph
30Calebup 12Graph
30Evanup 5Graph
32Grayson    down 5Graph
33Jayden    down 4Graph
33Wyatt    down 3Graph
35Isaac    down 1Graph
36Luke    down 4Graph
37Samuel    down 7Graph
37Thomas    down 11Graph
39Jasperup 32Graph
40Elijahup 8Graph
40Maxup 1Graph
42Jaxon    down 2Graph
42Sebastianup 6Graph
44Eliup 13Graph
44Matthew    down 1Graph
46Nolanup 5Graph
47Gabriel    down 9Graph
48Kaiup 13Graph
48Marcus    down 3Graph
48Parkerup 3Graph
51Adamup 7Graph
51Jordan Graph
53Emmettup 7Graph
54Asher    down 3Graph
54Joshua    down 16Graph
56Everettup 12Graph
57Josephup 6Graph
57Michaelup 2Graph
59Sawyer    down 13Graph
60Dylan    down 17Graph
60Rowanup 23Graph
62Dominic    down 15Graph
63Aaronup 2Graph
64Davidup 8Graph
65Andrewup 20Graph
66Charles    down 16Graph
67Bennett    down 6Graph
67Gavinup 1Graph
69Easton    down 18Graph
69Finnnew Graph
69Johnup 6Graph
72Zachary Graph
73Coltonup 4Graph
73Rykernew Graph
75Westonnew Graph
76Arloup 18Graph
76Ezraup 18Graph
76Felixup 5Graph
79Jonathannew Graph
80Charlieup 1Graph
81Declan    down 1Graph
81Georgeup 13Graph
81Harrisonup 13Graph
84Landon    down 19Graph
84Mateonew Graph
84Theoup 6Graph
87Arthurnew Graph
87Beaunew Graph
87Mavericknew Graph
87Rileyup 1Graph
87Wesley    down 4Graph
92Colenew Graph
92Ryder    down 41Graph
94Coopernew Graph
94Lukasnew Graph
96Adriannew Graph
96Ericnew Graph
96Romannew Graph
99Brayden    down 20Graph
99Hayden    down 11Graph
99Micahnew Graph
99Milesnew Graph