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Most Popular Names England+Wales 1954

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in England+Wales 1954, with 1954 as the year of the Fifties
Source:General Register Office (GRO)
Series:England+Wales decades
Following list:1964
Previous list:1944
Highest new entries:Lynn (new at 36),  Karen (new at 37),  Lynne (new at 39),  Lorraine (new at 48),  Alison (new at 53)
Largest rises:Julie +65 (now at 27),  Denise +50 (now at 29),  Jane +41 (now at 12),  Lesley +36 (now at 19),  Sally +35 (now at 50)
Largest falls:Doreen -52 (now at 90),  Veronica -46 (now at 98),  Joyce -39 (now at 72),  Sylvia -38 (now at 64),  Rita -36 (now at 77)

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RankName+/- England+Wales 1944Graph
1Susanup 6Graph
2Lindaup 22Graph
3Christine Graph
4Margaret    down 3Graph
5Janetup 3Graph
6Patricia    down 4Graph
7Carolup 5Graph
8Elizabethup 7Graph
9Mary    down 5Graph
10Anneup 10Graph
11Ann    down 5Graph
12Janeup 41Graph
13Jacquelineup 12Graph
14Barbara    down 4Graph
15Sandra    down 2Graph
16Gillianup 7Graph
17Pauline    down 3Graph
18Elaineup 32Graph
19Lesleyup 36Graph
20Angelaup 17Graph
21Pamela    down 4Graph
22Helenup 23Graph
23Jennifer    down 5Graph
24Valerie    down 13Graph
25Jean    down 20Graph
26Catherineup 16Graph
27Julieup 65Graph
28Kathleen    down 9Graph
29Deniseup 50Graph
30Maureen    down 21Graph
31Judith    down 1Graph
32Wendy    down 3Graph
33Dianeup 2Graph
34Sheila    down 13Graph
35Janiceup 14Graph
36Lynnnew Graph
37Karennew Graph
38Yvonneup 5Graph
39Lynnenew Graph
40Shirley    down 1Graph
41Marion    down 1Graph
42Mariaup 15Graph
43Rosemary    down 7Graph
44Carole    down 17Graph
45Joan    down 29Graph
46Marilynup 8Graph
47June    down 15Graph
48Lorrainenew Graph
49Lyndaup 24Graph
50Sallyup 35Graph
51Marianup 30Graph
52Brenda    down 30Graph
53Alisonnew Graph
54Teresaup 29Graph
55Juliaup 15Graph
56Heatherup 2Graph
57Marieup 3Graph
58Eileen    down 30Graph
59Deborahnew Graph
60Kathrynnew Graph
61Hilaryup 1Graph
62Carolineup 33Graph
63Sharonnew Graph
64Sylvia    down 38Graph
65Ruth Graph
66Irene    down 32Graph
67Dorothy    down 36Graph
68Sarahup 18Graph
69Frances    down 21Graph
70Josephine    down 26Graph
71Jill    down 8Graph
72Joyce    down 39Graph
73Hazel    down 26Graph
74Annettenew Graph
75Beverleynew Graph
76Gailnew Graph
77Rita    down 36Graph
78Geraldineup 20Graph
79Diana    down 28Graph
80Carolyn    down 4Graph
81Christina    down 7Graph
82Penelope    down 10Graph
83Jeanette    down 8Graph
84Suzannenew Graph
85Amandanew Graph
86Dawnnew Graph
87Theresanew Graph
88Annanew Graph
89Joyup 1Graph
90Doreen    down 52Graph
91Fionanew Graph
92Cherylnew Graph
93Kay    down 13Graph
94Glynisnew Graph
95Anita    down 17Graph
96Stephanienew Graph
97Nicolanew Graph
98Veronica    down 46Graph
99Andreanew Graph
100Audrey    down 33Graph