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Most Popular Names New Zealand 2013

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in New Zealand 2013
Source:Department of Internal Affairs - Births, Deaths and Marriages
Series:New Zealand
Following list:2014
Previous list:2012
Highest new entries:Caitlin (new at 61),  Natalie (new at 69),  Victoria (new at 69),  Charlie (new at 73),  Florence (new at 86)
Largest rises:Mackenzie +33 (now at 34),  Violet +27 (now at 47),  Poppy +22 (now at 40),  Anna +19 (now at 61),  Evelyn +18 (now at 69)
Largest falls:Jade -42 (now at 83),  Sarah -31 (now at 73),  Hayley -27 (now at 86),  Taylor -26 (now at 86),  Stella -25 (now at 56)

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1Charlotteup 3Graph
2Emilyup 1Graph
3Rubyup 2Graph
4Sophie    down 2Graph
5Olivia    down 4Graph
6Islaup 6Graph
7Ameliaup 1Graph
8Avaup 2Graph
9Isabella    down 3Graph
10Ella    down 3Graph
11Chloe Graph
12Graceup 3Graph
13Miaup 1Graph
14Lilyup 1Graph
15Emma    down 3Graph
16Sophia    down 7Graph
17Lucyup 1Graph
18Milaup 6Graph
19Harperup 14Graph
20Zoe    down 3Graph
21Georgiaup 1Graph
22Paige    down 2Graph
23Hannah    down 2Graph
24Ariaup 13Graph
25Jessica    down 2Graph
26Eva    down 7Graph
27Madison    down 1Graph
28Maiaup 1Graph
29Scarlett    down 2Graph
29Edenup 6Graph
31Bella    down 4Graph
32Zaraup 4Graph
33Willowup 11Graph
34Mackenzieup 33Graph
35Sienna    down 10Graph
36Summerup 10Graph
36Maddisonup 13Graph
38Elizabethup 7Graph
39Ivyup 10Graph
40Poppyup 22Graph
41Hazelup 8Graph
41Abigail    down 9Graph
43Alexis    down 9Graph
44Pippaup 3Graph
44Isabelle    down 2Graph
46Samanthaup 3Graph
47Violetup 27Graph
48Holly    down 19Graph
48Lillyup 8Graph
50Leah    down 11Graph
51Sofiaup 16Graph
51Indieup 9Graph
53Oliveup 9Graph
53Jasmineup 4Graph
55Alice    down 18Graph
56Aaliyah    down 7Graph
56Stella    down 25Graph
58Laylaup 4Graph
58Molly    down 18Graph
60Addison    down 11Graph
61Caitlinnew Graph
61Annaup 19Graph
63Annabelle    down 16Graph
64Peyton    down 7Graph
64Piperup 12Graph
66Brooklyn    down 4Graph
67Roseup 11Graph
68Aylaup 6Graph
69Evelynup 18Graph
69Nevaeh    down 14Graph
69Natalienew Graph
69Victorianew Graph
73Nina    down 11Graph
73Ellieup 3Graph
73Sarah    down 31Graph
73Alyssa    down 2Graph
73Charlienew Graph
73Phoebeup 10Graph
79Lolaup 7Graph
79Keiraup 16Graph
81Kateup 6Graph
82Alexandraup 17Graph
83Isabelup 9Graph
83Amber    down 14Graph
83Jade    down 42Graph
86Hayley    down 27Graph
86Taylor    down 26Graph
86Brooke    down 17Graph
86Florencenew Graph
90Millie    down 19Graph
90Imogennew Graph
92Esthernew Graph
92Auroranew Graph
92Madeleinenew Graph
95Matilda    down 15Graph
96Clairenew Graph
96Faithup 1Graph
96Mikayla    down 18Graph
96Kaylaup 3Graph
100Indinew Graph