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Most Popular Names England+Wales 1924

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in England+Wales 1924, with 1924 as the year of the Twenties
Source:General Register Office (GRO)
Series:England+Wales decades
Following list:1934
Previous list:1914
Highest new entries:Peggy (new at 36),  Sheila (new at 43),  Brenda (new at 58),  Pamela (new at 60),  Hazel (new at 69)
Largest rises:Patricia +68 (now at 31),  Audrey +65 (now at 21),  Doreen +63 (now at 15),  Jean +63 (now at 12),  Betty +54 (now at 11)
Largest falls:Amy -43 (now at 100),  Nellie -36 (now at 68),  Ada -35 (now at 74),  Daisy -34 (now at 88),  Dora -34 (now at 93)

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RankName+/- England+Wales 1914Graph
1Margaretup 1Graph
2Mary    down 1Graph
3Joanup 26Graph
4Joyceup 45Graph
5Dorothy    down 1Graph
6Kathleen    down 1Graph
7Doris    down 4Graph
8Ireneup 13Graph
9Elizabeth Graph
10Eileenup 17Graph
11Bettyup 54Graph
12Jeanup 63Graph
13Marjorieup 5Graph
14Gladys    down 3Graph
15Doreenup 63Graph
16Veraup 7Graph
17Elsie    down 10Graph
18Barbaraup 35Graph
19Winifred    down 9Graph
20Ednaup 2Graph
21Audreyup 65Graph
22Edith    down 14Graph
23Florence    down 17Graph
24Phyllis    down 10Graph
25Lilian    down 9Graph
26Hilda    down 11Graph
27Olive    down 1Graph
28Annie    down 16Graph
29Violet    down 9Graph
30Alice    down 17Graph
31Patriciaup 68Graph
32Ivy    down 15Graph
33Murielup 8Graph
34Irisup 24Graph
35Evelyn    down 7Graph
36Peggynew Graph
37Catherine    down 1Graph
38Ethel    down 19Graph
39Berylup 54Graph
40Gwendolineup 5Graph
41Ellen    down 17Graph
42Sylviaup 40Graph
43Sheilanew Graph
44Rose    down 14Graph
45Constance    down 1Graph
46Frances    down 9Graph
47Lily    down 22Graph
48Fredaup 4Graph
49Marionup 14Graph
50Nancy Graph
51Grace    down 9Graph
52Beatrice    down 19Graph
53Sarah    down 22Graph
54Agnes    down 11Graph
55Ruthup 7Graph
56May    down 21Graph
57Nora    down 10Graph
58Brendanew Graph
59Jessie    down 19Graph
60Pamelanew Graph
61Anne    down 6Graph
62Helen    down 2Graph
63Marieup 14Graph
64Mabel    down 30Graph
65Eva    down 17Graph
66Mariaup 24Graph
67Rubyup 1Graph
68Nellie    down 36Graph
69Hazelnew Graph
70Emily    down 32Graph
71Josephineup 24Graph
72Daphnenew Graph
73Jane    down 22Graph
74Ada    down 35Graph
75Paulinenew Graph
76Ann    down 4Graph
77Enidup 17Graph
78Gertrude    down 32Graph
79Ritanew Graph
80Junenew Graph
81Stellanew Graph
82Norah    down 26Graph
83Mavisnew Graph
84Thelmanew Graph
85Mildred    down 5Graph
86Bridgetup 6Graph
87Monicanew Graph
88Daisy    down 34Graph
89Eleanor    down 22Graph
90Lillian    down 19Graph
91Almanew Graph
92Lucy    down 31Graph
93Dora    down 34Graph
94Christinenew Graph
95Maureennew Graph
96Janet    down 5Graph
97Rosemarynew Graph
98Hannah    down 28Graph
99Sybilnew Graph
100Amy    down 43Graph