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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2019

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:2020
Previous list:2018
Highest new entries:Jasmine (new at 64),  Alexandra (new at 76),  Amber (new at 82),  Ember (new at 85),  Gemma (new at 95)
Largest rises:Ellie +40 (now at 21),  Sarah +26 (now at 63),  Naomi +25 (now at 59),  Luna +23 (now at 35),  Brielle +21 (now at 75)
Largest falls:Charlie -30 (now at 92),  Bella -26 (now at 100),  Isabelle -24 (now at 64),  Aubrey -24 (now at 71),  Everly -23 (now at 53)

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1Olivia Graph
2Charlotteup 1Graph
3Emma    down 1Graph
4Avaup 3Graph
5Sophiaup 1Graph
6Amelia    down 3Graph
7Chloe    down 2Graph
8Miaup 7Graph
9Isla    down 1Graph
10Ellaup 7Graph
10Evelynup 3Graph
12Emily    down 3Graph
12Hannah    down 1Graph
14Averyup 2Graph
15Lily    down 1Graph
16Mila    down 4Graph
17Abigail    down 7Graph
18Isabellaup 2Graph
19Elizabethup 4Graph
20Ariaup 4Graph
21Ellieup 40Graph
21Emiliaup 10Graph
23Mayaup 5Graph
24Audreyup 2Graph
24Scarlett    down 6Graph
26Harper    down 6Graph
27Grace    down 9Graph
28Hazel    down 3Graph
29Zoeup 7Graph
30Claireup 3Graph
30Violet    down 3Graph
32Sofiaup 8Graph
33Noraup 6Graph
33Sophie    down 13Graph
35Alice    down 7Graph
35Lunaup 23Graph
37Annaup 10Graph
37Brooklynup 7Graph
39Eleanorup 15Graph
39Hailey    down 2Graph
41Stella    down 1Graph
42Auroraup 2Graph
42Penelopeup 4Graph
42Rubyup 14Graph
45Zoey    down 13Graph
46Madison    down 6Graph
47Victoriaup 3Graph
48Eva    down 10Graph
48Georgiaup 11Graph
48Lucyup 3Graph
51Aylaup 13Graph
51Quinn    down 17Graph
53Everly    down 23Graph
53Ivy    down 18Graph
53Willow    down 2Graph
56Nova    down 3Graph
56Roseup 10Graph
58Mackenzie    down 11Graph
59Naomiup 25Graph
60Addisonup 18Graph
60Natalie    down 6Graph
62Julia Graph
63Sarahup 26Graph
64Isabelle    down 24Graph
64Jasminenew Graph
66Freyaup 12Graph
66Josephineup 2Graph
66Rileyup 12Graph
69Kinsleyup 9Graph
69Layla    down 10Graph
71Aubrey    down 24Graph
72Clara    down 16Graph
72Paisleyup 2Graph
72Peytonup 11Graph
75Brielleup 21Graph
76Alexandranew Graph
76Blakeup 20Graph
76Elena    down 2Graph
76Norahup 8Graph
76Summer    down 5Graph
81Olive    down 7Graph
82Ambernew Graph
82Lillian    down 14Graph
82Sadie    down 15Graph
85Aryaup 11Graph
85Autumnup 5Graph
85Embernew Graph
85Leah    down 17Graph
85Madelineup 2Graph
85Madelynup 5Graph
85Taylor    down 7Graph
92Charlie    down 30Graph
92Maria    down 2Graph
92Savannah    down 8Graph
95Gemmanew Graph
95Piper    down 8Graph
95Rowannew Graph
95Sloanenew Graph
99Ariananew Graph
100Adelinenew Graph
100Bella    down 26Graph
100Irisnew Graph
100Lennonnew Graph