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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2018

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:2019
Previous list:2017
Highest new entries:Josephine (new at 68),  Olive (new at 74),  Savannah (new at 84),  Madeline (new at 87),  Brooke (new at 90)
Largest rises:Julia +37 (now at 62),  Ruby +33 (now at 56),  Emilia +32 (now at 31),  Eva +29 (now at 38),  Charlie +29 (now at 62)
Largest falls:Ellie -35 (now at 61),  Autumn -31 (now at 90),  Piper -28 (now at 87),  Georgia -27 (now at 59),  Addison -26 (now at 78)

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1Olivia Graph
2Emma Graph
3Ameliaup 6Graph
3Charlotteup 1Graph
5Chloeup 2Graph
6Sophia    down 3Graph
7Ava    down 3Graph
8Islaup 3Graph
9Emily    down 3Graph
10Abigail Graph
11Hannah    down 3Graph
12Mila Graph
13Evelynup 1Graph
14Lilyup 18Graph
15Miaup 1Graph
16Averyup 1Graph
17Ella    down 3Graph
18Graceup 3Graph
18Scarlett    down 1Graph
20Harperup 2Graph
20Isabella    down 7Graph
20Sophieup 3Graph
23Elizabeth    down 3Graph
24Aria    down 7Graph
25Hazelup 23Graph
26Audreyup 9Graph
27Violet    down 2Graph
28Aliceup 1Graph
28Maya    down 4Graph
30Everlyup 13Graph
31Emiliaup 32Graph
32Zoey    down 5Graph
33Claire    down 5Graph
34Quinnup 15Graph
35Ivyup 11Graph
36Zoeup 7Graph
37Haileyup 12Graph
38Evaup 29Graph
39Noraup 3Graph
40Isabelle    down 11Graph
40Madisonup 1Graph
40Sofia    down 3Graph
40Stella    down 2Graph
44Aurora    down 12Graph
44Brooklyn    down 9Graph
46Penelope Graph
47Anna    down 8Graph
47Aubreyup 27Graph
47Mackenzie    down 8Graph
50Victoriaup 4Graph
51Lucy    down 22Graph
51Willowup 2Graph
53Novaup 3Graph
54Eleanorup 14Graph
54Natalie    down 11Graph
56Claraup 5Graph
56Rubyup 33Graph
58Luna    down 2Graph
59Georgia    down 27Graph
59Layla    down 3Graph
61Ellie    down 35Graph
62Charlieup 29Graph
62Juliaup 37Graph
64Athenaup 13Graph
64Aylaup 4Graph
66Roseup 8Graph
67Sadieup 12Graph
68Josephinenew Graph
68Leahup 27Graph
68Lillian    down 17Graph
71Siennaup 8Graph
71Summerup 24Graph
73Eliseup 18Graph
74Bellaup 9Graph
74Elena    down 1Graph
74Olivenew Graph
74Paisley    down 4Graph
78Addison    down 26Graph
78Freya    down 8Graph
78Kinsley    down 23Graph
78Riley    down 15Graph
78Taylorup 5Graph
83Peytonup 12Graph
84Naomi    down 21Graph
84Norah    down 23Graph
84Savannahnew Graph
87Madelinenew Graph
87Piper    down 28Graph
89Sarah    down 26Graph
90Autumn    down 31Graph
90Brookenew Graph
90Laurennew Graph
90Lylanew Graph
90Madelynnew Graph
90Marianew Graph
96Alyssanew Graph
96Annabelle    down 20Graph
96Aryanew Graph
96Blakenew Graph
96Brielle    down 13Graph
96Kennedy    down 1Graph