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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2015

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:2016
Previous list:2014
Highest new entries:Elise (new at 60),  Alexa (new at 78),  Kate (new at 80),  Aubree (new at 83),  Jessica (new at 83)
Largest rises:Jasmine +36 (now at 62),  Madeline +32 (now at 56),  Ivy +27 (now at 34),  Stella +27 (now at 27),  Willow +27 (now at 68)
Largest falls:Arianna -39 (now at 95),  Sadie -39 (now at 80),  Zoey -30 (now at 52),  Brielle -27 (now at 97),  Taylor -26 (now at 83)

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1Emmaup 1Graph
2Olivia    down 1Graph
3Emilyup 1Graph
4Sophia    down 1Graph
5Avaup 1Graph
6Chloe    down 1Graph
7Charlotte Graph
8Abigailup 2Graph
9Amelia Graph
10Ellaup 1Graph
11Hannahup 1Graph
12Isabellaup 3Graph
13Aria Graph
14Lily    down 6Graph
15Miaup 2Graph
16Isla Graph
17Avery    down 3Graph
18Elizabethup 15Graph
19Milaup 6Graph
20Evelyn    down 3Graph
21Graceup 2Graph
22Madison    down 1Graph
23Scarlettup 1Graph
24Brooklynup 3Graph
25Maya    down 5Graph
26Claireup 19Graph
27Audrey    down 8Graph
27Sophieup 2Graph
27Stellaup 27Graph
30Natalieup 11Graph
31Isabelleup 7Graph
32Violet    down 2Graph
33Hailey    down 8Graph
34Ivyup 27Graph
35Aliceup 16Graph
36Hazelup 12Graph
37Evaup 16Graph
37Mackenzie    down 5Graph
37Zoe    down 9Graph
40Ellieup 11Graph
40Lucy    down 7Graph
42Anna    down 12Graph
43Victoria    down 4Graph
44Aubreyup 4Graph
45Sarahup 2Graph
46Julia    down 7Graph
46Piper    down 10Graph
48Georgiaup 18Graph
48Paisleyup 13Graph
50Quinnup 11Graph
50Sofia    down 14Graph
52Zoey    down 30Graph
53Clara    down 8Graph
54Aylaup 16Graph
54Everlyup 4Graph
56Auroraup 17Graph
56Madelineup 32Graph
56Paige    down 21Graph
56Rubyup 17Graph
60Elisenew Graph
60Nora    down 2Graph
62Jasmineup 36Graph
62Lillian    down 4Graph
64Samanthaup 17Graph
65Addison    down 22Graph
65Alexandraup 26Graph
65Harper    down 22Graph
68Alexis    down 14Graph
68Laylaup 16Graph
68Leah    down 7Graph
68Naomiup 11Graph
68Peyton    down 20Graph
68Sienna    down 2Graph
68Willowup 27Graph
75Alyssa    down 9Graph
75Eleanorup 13Graph
75Rachel    down 14Graph
78Alexanew Graph
78Penelope    down 12Graph
80Katenew Graph
80Sadie    down 39Graph
82Norah    down 4Graph
83Aubreenew Graph
83Autumn    down 2Graph
83Jessicanew Graph
83Madeleinenew Graph
83Nevaehnew Graph
83Taylor    down 26Graph
89Emilianew Graph
89Freyanew Graph
89Keiraup 2Graph
92Arianaup 6Graph
92Jadenew Graph
92Kayleenew Graph
95Arianna    down 39Graph
95Lydianew Graph
97Annabelle    down 14Graph
97Brielle    down 27Graph
97Summer    down 24Graph
100Arya    down 12Graph
100Fionanew Graph
100Katherine    down 2Graph
100Tessanew Graph