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Name Johanna

Meaning:Yahweh is graciousTools:

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About the name Johanna in particular

Languages of use:German, Dutch, Scandinavian
Diminutives:Hanni, Janne
Short forms:Hanne, Jenna, Jo, Jona, Jonna, Yana
Topics:Asteroid 127 Johanna, diameter 124.6 km, period 11 years
US 2020 rank:#643     ... 642:Milan, 643:Coraline, 644:Johanna, 645:Melany, 646:Chelsea ...     Full US 2020 list
Similarly written:Jóhanna, Joanna, Johana, Johanka, Johann, Jóhann, Johanne, Hanna, Hanna, Ioanna     Details
Group info:

About John/Johanna, the group of names with the same origin as Johanna

Meaning/translation:Yahweh is gracious
Language of origin:Hebrew
Info about origin, male:popular because of Saint John, the apostle and evangelist, and Saint John the Baptist
 very popular through the ages and in many countries
 until now there were 23 popes with the name John
Words:yahweh = (the name of God) (name of the one God according to the Old Testament)  Hebrew
 chanan = to be gracious  Hebrew
Topics:12 Apostles, Interesting, New Testament, Popes
Variants' top ranks:1:Sean Ireland 2003,  1:Jón Iceland 2003 to 2007,  1:Hans Greenland 2011,  1:Jens Denmark 2005,  1:Jan Warsaw 2016,  1:John England+Wales 1944,  1:Jack England+Wales 1998,  1:Jean France 2011,  1:Juan Buenos Aires 2012,  1:João Portugal 2018
Somehow related to:Jahwe
Old/original forms:Jehanne Old French, Ieuan Old Irish, Jehohanan Hebrew, Johanan Hebrew
Name variants:Gia, Giana, Gianna, Giavanna, Gioana, Giovana, Giovanna, Hanna, Hanne, Hanni, Hansine, Ioana, Ioanna, Ionela, Ivana, Ivanka, Ivanna, Iwana, Iyana, Iyanna, Jana, Janae, Janay, Jane, Janel, Janell, Janella, Janelle, Janessa, Janet, Janette, Janice, Janie, Janin, Janina, Janine, Janis, Janita, Janka, Janka, Janna, Janne, Jannine, Jantje, Jayne, Jean, Jeanette, Jeanie, Jeanine, Jeanne, Jeannette, Jeannice, Jeannine, Jenna, Jenny, Jensina, Jessie, Jianna, Jo, Joan, Joana, Joann, Joanna, Joanne, Johana, Johanka, Johanna, Jóhanna, Johanne, Johna, Jolien, Jolina, Joline, Jona, Jóna, Jonelle, Jonna, Jovana, Juana, Juanita, Seonag, Seonaid, Shauna, Shawna, Sheena, Shona, Sian, Siana, Sinead, Sinéad, Siobhan, Vanja, Vanna, Yana, Yanet, Yanna, Zana, Zsanett, Anze, Django, Ean, Eoin, Evan, Gan, Geovane, Geovanni, Gian, Gianni, Giovani, Giovanni, Giovannino, Giovanny, Gjin, Gjon, Hampus, Hannes, Hanno, Hans, Hennes, Hovhannes, Huwan, Iain, Ian, Iefan, Ioan, Ioannis, Ion, Ionut, Ivan, Ivan, Iván, Ivano, Iwan, Jack, Jackie, Jacky, Jan, Jandel, Janek, Janez, Janic, Janick, Janik, Janika, Janis, Jankin, Jankó, Jann, Jannes, Jannic, Jannick, Jannik, Jannis, János, Janosch, Janusz, Jax, Jaxx, Jean, Jeannot, Jens, Jhon, Jhonny, Jionni, Jo, Joan, Joannes, João, Johan, Johann, Jóhann, Johannes, Jóhannes, John, Johnnie, Johnny, Jon, Jón, Jonathon, Jone, Jones, Jovan, Jovani, Jovanni, Jovanny, Jovany, Juan, Juanito, Juha, Juhani, Juho, Jukka, Jussi, Nino, Ruan, Sean, Shane, Shaun, Shawn, Shayne ...and more   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Johanna

Germany prevalence 2005 61
HungaryGraph2020 76,  2019 652018 72,  2017 83,  2016 78,  2015 83,  2014 66,  2013 73,  2012 73,  2011 82,  2010 80,  2009 87,  2008 93,  2007 95
USA decadesGraph1990-1999 436,  1980-1989 259
USA yearlyGraph2020 643,  2019 594,  2018 536,  2017 549,  2016 554,  2015 541,  2014 542,  2013 531,  2012 482,  2011 519,  2010 440,  2009 474,  2008 449,  2007 416,  2006 3772005 406,  2004 502,  2003 519,  2002 465,  2001 419,  2000 467,  1999 482,  1998 499,  1997 423,  1996 433,  1995 441,  1994 438,  1993 425
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