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Most Popular Names Brazil 2021

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Brazil 2021
Source:Inofficial list, done by BabyCenter Brasil, based on the names of 325'000 newborns registered on their website
Following list:2022
Previous list:2020
Highest new entries:Apollo (new at 79),  Liam (new at 88),  Pedro Miguel (new at 93),  Micael (new at 94),  Dominic (new at 96)
Largest rises:Henry +24 (now at 28),  Matteo +18 (now at 41),  José +14 (now at 54),  Mathias +13 (now at 65),  Thomas +12 (now at 51)
Largest falls:Theodoro -11 (now at 66),  Valentim -10 (now at 61),  João Vítor -10 (now at 76),  Luiz Miguel -9 (now at 74),  Eduardo -8 (now at 49)

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1Miguel Graph
2Arthur Graph
3Theoup 1Graph
4Heitor    down 1Graph
5Gaelup 2Graph
6Davi    down 1Graph
7Bernardo    down 1Graph
8Gabriel Graph
9Raviup 8Graph
10Noahup 12Graph
11Samuel    down 1Graph
12Pedro    down 3Graph
13Benício    down 2Graph
14Benjamin    down 1Graph
15Matheus    down 1Graph
16Isaacup 3Graph
17Anthonyup 4Graph
18Joaquim    down 3Graph
19Lucas    down 7Graph
20Lorenzo    down 4Graph
21Rafael    down 3Graph
22Nicolas    down 2Graph
23Henrique Graph
24Murilo Graph
25João Miguelup 3Graph
26Lucca    down 1Graph
27Guilherme    down 1Graph
28Henryup 24Graph
29Bryanup 6Graph
30Gustavo    down 3Graph
31Felipe    down 2Graph
32Pietroup 1Graph
33Leviup 6Graph
34Daniel    down 4Graph
35João Pedro    down 4Graph
36Bentoup 1Graph
37Vicente    down 3Graph
38Leonardo    down 6Graph
39Calebeup 5Graph
40Pedro Henrique    down 4Graph
41Matteoup 18Graph
42Enzo Gabrielup 5Graph
43João    down 5Graph
44Antônio    down 4Graph
45Emanuel    down 3Graph
46Enzo    down 3Graph
47Davi Lucca    down 2Graph
48Caio    down 2Graph
49Eduardo    down 8Graph
50João Lucas    down 2Graph
51Thomasup 12Graph
52Cauãup 5Graph
53Vítor    down 3Graph
54Joséup 14Graph
55Enrico    down 2Graph
56Augusto    down 7Graph
57João Gabrielup 3Graph
58Francisco    down 4Graph
59Otávio    down 1Graph
60Yuriup 10Graph
61Valentim    down 10Graph
62Vinicius    down 6Graph
63Davi Lucas    down 1Graph
64Raelup 7Graph
65Mathiasup 13Graph
66Theodoro    down 11Graph
67Yan    down 3Graph
68João Guilherme    down 7Graph
69Nathan    down 2Graph
70Arthur Miguelup 9Graph
71Oliver    down 2Graph
72Anthony Gabrielup 4Graph
73Ryanup 1Graph
74Luiz Miguel    down 9Graph
75Erick    down 3Graph
76João Vítor    down 10Graph
77Luan    down 2Graph
78Thiago    down 5Graph
79Apollonew Graph
80Ícaroup 4Graph
81Breno    down 4Graph
82Arthur Gabrielup 3Graph
83Derick    down 1Graph
84Kauêup 5Graph
85Martin    down 2Graph
86Luiz Felipeup 1Graph
87Raul    down 6Graph
88Liamnew Graph
89Davi Miguelup 1Graph
90Pedro Lucas    down 2Graph
91José Miguelup 6Graph
92Josué Graph
93Pedro Miguelnew Graph
94Micaelnew Graph
95Yagoup 1Graph
96Dominicnew Graph
97Vítor Hugonew Graph
98Luiz Henrique    down 7Graph
99Estevão    down 1Graph
100Davi Luiznew Graph