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Name Josué

Meaning:Yahweh is salvationTools:

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About the name Josué in particular

Languages of use:Spanish
US 2021 rank:not in the Top 1000; other popularity lists see below
Similarly written:Josue, Jose, José, Josée, Josie, Josua, Giosuè, Jase, Jesse, Jesse     Details
Group info:

About Joshua/Jesusa, the group of names with the same origin as Josué

Meaning/translation:Yahweh is salvation
Language of origin:Hebrew
Info about origin, male:in the Old Testament Joshua is the successor to Moses as the leader of the Israelites
 in the New Testament Jesus is a variant of this name
Words:yahweh = (the name of God) (name of the one God according to the Old Testament)  Hebrew
 yasha = to help, to deliver (in the sense of to save)  Hebrew
Topics:New Testament, Old Testament
Variants' top ranks:1:Joshua Australia/NSW 2003,  3:Jesús Mexico 2016,  9:Josué Peru 2012,  28:Josh Scotland 2002,  44:Josue Mexico 2013,  66:Jesus USA 2002,  71:Issa Paris 2018,  317:Josua Switzerland 1997
Somehow related to:Giosch
Old/original forms:Iesous Greek, Jehoschua Hebrew, Jeschua Aramaic
Name variants:Gesua, Jesusa, Gesù, Giosuè, Issa, Jesus, Jesús, Joschua, Josh, Joshua, Josua, Josue, Josué, Yoshua   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Josué

BrazilGraph2022 852021 92,  2020 92,  2019 100
Guatemala 2019 10
MexicoGraph2021 59,  2011 50,  2010 38
Panama 2020 13
Peru 2012 9
Portugal 2017 100
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