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Most Popular Names Portugal 2016

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Portugal 2016
Source:Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado (IRN) / Portuguese Institute of Registries and Notaries
Following list:2017
Previous list:2015
Highest new entries:Raúl (new at 76),  Romeu (new at 87),  Eric (new at 94),  Caio (new at 97),  Elias (new at 97)
Largest rises:Lorenzo +35 (now at 62),  Bryan +26 (now at 60),  Kevin +16 (now at 41),  Benjamim +15 (now at 63),  Renato +13 (now at 59)
Largest falls:Sérgio -19 (now at 92),  Ivan -17 (now at 82),  Brian -14 (now at 83),  Micael -11 (now at 76),  Ângelo -8 (now at 75)

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1Santiagoup 3Graph
2João    down 1Graph
3Franciscoup 2Graph
4Rodrigo    down 1Graph
5Martim    down 3Graph
6Afonso Graph
7Tomás Graph
8Miguel Graph
9Duarteup 2Graph
10Lourençoup 7Graph
11Gabriel    down 1Graph
12Gonçalo Graph
13Pedro Graph
14Guilherme    down 5Graph
15Tiago    down 1Graph
16Dinisup 3Graph
17Rafael    down 2Graph
18Diogo    down 2Graph
19Lucas    down 1Graph
20Salvador Graph
21Gustavoup 1Graph
22Davidup 3Graph
23Vicente    down 2Graph
24Simão    down 1Graph
25José    down 1Graph
26Mateusup 2Graph
27Diego    down 1Graph
28Manuelup 3Graph
29Henriqueup 3Graph
30António Graph
31Daniel    down 4Graph
32Vascoup 1Graph
33Leonardoup 1Graph
34Bernardoup 1Graph
35André    down 6Graph
36Luís Graph
37Enzo Graph
38Eduardo Graph
39Alexandreup 1Graph
40Isaacup 4Graph
41Kevinup 16Graph
42Rúben Graph
43Filipeup 3Graph
44Matias    down 3Graph
45Leandro    down 6Graph
46Xavier    down 1Graph
47Ricardo    down 4Graph
48Samuel    down 1Graph
49Arturup 3Graph
50Nuno Graph
51Bruno    down 3Graph
52Carlos    down 3Graph
53Daviup 3Graph
53Sebastiãoup 1Graph
55Hugo    down 4Graph
56Rui    down 3Graph
57Valentimup 3Graph
58Frederico    down 3Graph
59Renatoup 13Graph
60Bryanup 26Graph
61Jorge    down 3Graph
62Lorenzoup 35Graph
63Benjamimup 15Graph
64Paulo    down 5Graph
65Joaquimup 4Graph
66Marco    down 3Graph
67Noah    down 4Graph
68Mário    down 6Graph
69Fábio    down 8Graph
70Jaimeup 7Graph
71Manelup 13Graph
71Toméup 2Graph
73Cristiano    down 2Graph
74Williamup 6Graph
75Ângelo    down 8Graph
76Gilup 2Graph
76Micael    down 11Graph
76Raúlnew Graph
79Edgar    down 3Graph
79Ivo    down 6Graph
81Fernandoup 1Graph
82Ivan    down 17Graph
83Brian    down 14Graph
84César Graph
84Emanuelup 8Graph
86Gasparup 2Graph
87Dilanup 3Graph
87Luca Graph
87Romeunew Graph
90Sandroup 5Graph
90Vítor Graph
92Alexup 5Graph
92Sérgio    down 19Graph
94Ericnew Graph
94Igor    down 5Graph
96Marcelo    down 3Graph
97Caionew Graph
97Eliasnew Graph
99Denisnew Graph
100Isacnew Graph