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Most Popular Names Brazil 2015

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Brazil 2015
Source:Inofficial list, done by BabyCenter Brasil, based on the names of 90'000 newborns registered on their website
Following list:2016
Previous list:2014
Highest new entries:Cauê (new at 85),  Mathias (new at 86),  Martim (new at 89),  Adrian (new at 91),  Santiago (new at 93)
Largest rises:João Lucas +45 (now at 21),  Enrico +42 (now at 50),  Gael +27 (now at 63),  Vicente +21 (now at 39),  Augusto +17 (now at 59)
Largest falls:Thales -33 (now at 92),  João Guilherme -21 (now at 82),  Bruno -14 (now at 58),  Vítor Hugo -13 (now at 75),  Breno -13 (now at 78)

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1Miguel Graph
2Arthurup 1Graph
3Davi    down 1Graph
4Pedro Graph
5Bernardoup 1Graph
6Gabriel    down 1Graph
7Lucas Graph
8Matheus Graph
9Heitorup 1Graph
10Rafael    down 1Graph
11Enzo Graph
12Nicolasup 1Graph
13Lorenzoup 1Graph
14Guilherme    down 2Graph
15Samuelup 2Graph
16Theoup 7Graph
17Felipe    down 1Graph
18Gustavo    down 3Graph
19Henriqueup 3Graph
20João Pedro    down 2Graph
21João Lucasup 45Graph
22Daniel    down 3Graph
23Muriloup 1Graph
24Vítor    down 4Graph
25Pedro Henriqueup 1Graph
26Eduardo    down 1Graph
27Leonardo    down 6Graph
28Pietro    down 1Graph
29Benjaminup 3Graph
30Isaac    down 1Graph
31Joãoup 2Graph
32Joaquimup 5Graph
33Luccaup 1Graph
34Caio    down 4Graph
35Vinicius    down 4Graph
36Cauã    down 8Graph
37Bryan    down 1Graph
38João Miguel    down 3Graph
39Vicenteup 21Graph
40Franciscoup 2Graph
41Antônio    down 1Graph
42Benícioup 10Graph
43João Vítor    down 5Graph
44Enzo Gabriel    down 1Graph
45Davi Lucas    down 4Graph
46Davi Luccaup 11Graph
47Thiago    down 8Graph
48Thomasup 3Graph
49Emanuel    down 4Graph
50Enricoup 42Graph
51Otávio    down 1Graph
52João Gabriel    down 6Graph
53Davi Luiz    down 5Graph
54Nathan Graph
55Yuriup 1Graph
56Ian    down 9Graph
57Anthonyup 6Graph
58Bruno    down 14Graph
59Augustoup 17Graph
60Bentoup 11Graph
61Rodrigo    down 12Graph
62Erick    down 9Graph
63Gaelup 27Graph
64Calebe    down 6Graph
65Luiz Felipeup 2Graph
66Fernando    down 11Graph
67Igorup 2Graph
68Kaíqueup 10Graph
69Ryan    down 5Graph
70Leviup 4Graph
71Andréup 2Graph
72Noahup 3Graph
73Carlos Eduardo    down 3Graph
74Alexandre    down 6Graph
75Vítor Hugo    down 13Graph
76Henryup 17Graph
77Raul    down 5Graph
78Breno    down 13Graph
79Luanup 7Graph
80Pedro Lucas Graph
81Luiz Miguelup 2Graph
82João Guilherme    down 21Graph
83Luiz Henriqueup 4Graph
84Luiz Gustavo    down 2Graph
85Cauênew Graph
86Mathiasnew Graph
87Diogo    down 6Graph
88Yago    down 9Graph
89Martimnew Graph
90Diego    down 13Graph
91Adriannew Graph
92Thales    down 33Graph
93Santiagonew Graph
94Ricardo    down 10Graph
95Marcelo    down 6Graph
96Josénew Graph
97Danilo    down 9Graph
98Juan    down 7Graph
99Estevãonew Graph
100Pedro Miguelnew Graph