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Most Popular Names Austria/Vienna 2004

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the city of Vienna, Austria 2004
Source:Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Abteilung 61 (Standesämter & Staatsbürgerschaft)
Following list:2005
Previous list:2003
Highest new entries:Angelina (new at 25),  Emma (new at 32),  Melisa (new at 35),  Anastasia (new at 38),  Miriam (new at 38)
Largest rises:Amelie +14 (now at 25),  Melissa +14 (now at 29),  Celina +13 (now at 36),  Clara +11 (now at 38),  Nicole +8 (now at 25)
Largest falls:Jessica -20 (now at 45),  Alexandra -14 (now at 42),  Tamara -12 (now at 43),  Alina -11 (now at 38),  Jasmin -10 (now at 22)

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1Sarahup 1Graph
2Juliaup 1Graph
3Anna    down 2Graph
4Laura Graph
4Sophieup 2Graph
6Katharina    down 1Graph
7Lenaup 3Graph
8Laraup 1Graph
8Vanessaup 5Graph
10Leaup 5Graph
11Nina Graph
12Lisa    down 6Graph
13Leonieup 4Graph
13Sara    down 5Graph
15Michelle    down 1Graph
16Victoria    down 1Graph
17Melanieup 1Graph
18Selinaup 1Graph
19Hannahup 2Graph
19Marieup 5Graph
21Magdalenaup 2Graph
22Jasmin    down 10Graph
23Johanna    down 3Graph
24Chiaraup 1Graph
25Amelieup 14Graph
25Angelinanew Graph
25Jenniferup 4Graph
25Nicoleup 8Graph
29Mariaup 4Graph
29Melissaup 14Graph
29Viktoria    down 8Graph
32Emmanew Graph
33Elenaup 3Graph
33Isabellaup 3Graph
35Melisanew Graph
36Celinaup 13Graph
36Nadineup 3Graph
38Alina    down 11Graph
38Anastasianew Graph
38Claraup 11Graph
38Miriamnew Graph
42Alexandra    down 14Graph
43Dilara Graph
43Tamara    down 12Graph
45Emilynew Graph
45Jessica    down 20Graph
45Sophia    down 2Graph
48Carolinenew Graph
48Kristinanew Graph
48Valentina    down 9Graph