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Most Popular Names Portugal 2016

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Portugal 2016
Source:Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado (IRN) / Portuguese Institute of Registries and Notaries
Following list:2017
Previous list:2015
Highest new entries:Áurea (new at 81),  Frederica (new at 87),  Larissa (new at 90),  Samira (new at 93),  Vera (new at 96)
Largest rises:Luena +23 (now at 44),  Aurora +16 (now at 76),  Anita +10 (now at 90),  Kyara +10 (now at 49),  Débora +10 (now at 76)
Largest falls:Salomé -17 (now at 100),  Iara -15 (now at 62),  Irina -14 (now at 88),  Filipa -13 (now at 64),  Eduarda -11 (now at 82)

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1Maria Graph
2Matildeup 1Graph
3Leonor    down 1Graph
4Carolinaup 1Graph
5Marianaup 1Graph
6Beatriz    down 2Graph
7Ana Graph
8Sofiaup 2Graph
9Inês    down 1Graph
10Margarida    down 1Graph
11Franciscaup 2Graph
12Lara    down 1Graph
13Laura    down 1Graph
14Aliceup 1Graph
15Joana    down 1Graph
16Clara Graph
17Diana Graph
18Madalenaup 1Graph
19Luana    down 1Graph
20Maraup 2Graph
21Beneditaup 7Graph
22Mafalda    down 2Graph
23Constança Graph
24Bianca    down 3Graph
25Íris Graph
26Sara    down 2Graph
27Camila    down 1Graph
27Rita Graph
29Gabrielaup 3Graph
30Eva    down 1Graph
31Carlota Graph
32Letícia    down 2Graph
33Vitóriaup 1Graph
34Emaup 2Graph
35Luísaup 4Graph
36Catarina    down 3Graph
37Ariana Graph
38Yasmin Graph
39Yara    down 4Graph
40Miriamup 2Graph
41Carminhoup 5Graph
42Alíciaup 1Graph
42Marta    down 2Graph
44Luenaup 23Graph
45Rafaela    down 4Graph
46Victória    down 2Graph
47Núria    down 2Graph
48Júliaup 4Graph
49Kyaraup 10Graph
50Helena    down 1Graph
50Valentinaup 8Graph
52Isabelup 3Graph
53Bárbaraup 8Graph
54Nicole    down 4Graph
55Daniela    down 2Graph
56Melissa    down 8Graph
57Bruna    down 4Graph
57Lia Graph
59Jéssicaup 3Graph
59Noaup 5Graph
59Teresa    down 3Graph
62Iara    down 15Graph
63Raquel    down 3Graph
64Filipa    down 13Graph
65Miaup 7Graph
66Érica    down 3Graph
67Luna    down 1Graph
68Isis    down 3Graph
69Caetanaup 7Graph
70Juliana    down 1Graph
71Alexandraup 2Graph
72Mélanieup 3Graph
72Pilar    down 2Graph
74Kelly    down 7Graph
75Isabelaup 3Graph
76Adrianaup 2Graph
76Auroraup 16Graph
76Déboraup 10Graph
79Soraia    down 2Graph
80Lorena Graph
81Áureanew Graph
82Eduarda    down 11Graph
83Améliaup 3Graph
84Olívia Graph
85Emíliaup 3Graph
86Naiara    down 4Graph
87Fredericanew Graph
88Irina    down 14Graph
89Renataup 5Graph
90Anitaup 10Graph
90Emma    down 2Graph
90Larissanew Graph
93Nádiaup 1Graph
93Petra    down 1Graph
93Samiranew Graph
96Sarahup 1Graph
96Tatiana Graph
96Veranew Graph
99Julieta    down 1Graph
100Mayaranew Graph
100Patrícianew Graph
100Salomé    down 17Graph