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Most Popular Names Portugal 2014

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Portugal 2014
Source:Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado (IRN) / Portuguese Institute of Registries and Notaries
Following list:2015
Previous list:2013
Highest new entries:Yasmin (new at 40),  Luísa (new at 41),  Helena (new at 49),  Miriam (new at 50),  Jéssica (new at 51)
Largest rises:Carlota +10 (now at 38),  Benedita +10 (now at 31),  Nicole +9 (now at 41),  Clara +6 (now at 18),  Camila +5 (now at 29)
Largest falls:Núria -8 (now at 44),  Rafaela -7 (now at 47),  Daniela -6 (now at 43),  Marta -6 (now at 37),  Vitória -4 (now at 36)

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1Maria Graph
2Matilde Graph
3Leonor Graph
4Beatrizup 2Graph
5Mariana    down 1Graph
6Carolina    down 1Graph
7Ana Graph
8Inês Graph
9Sofiaup 2Graph
10Margarida Graph
11Lara    down 2Graph
12Joana Graph
13Lauraup 1Graph
14Francisca    down 1Graph
15Dianaup 2Graph
16Mafaldaup 2Graph
17Madalena    down 2Graph
18Claraup 6Graph
19Luana    down 3Graph
20Sara Graph
21Bianca Graph
22Alice Graph
23Rita    down 4Graph
24Írisup 2Graph
25Constança Graph
26Letíciaup 1Graph
27Eva    down 4Graph
28Gabrielaup 2Graph
29Camilaup 5Graph
30Yaraup 3Graph
31Beneditaup 10Graph
32Mara    down 4Graph
33Catarina    down 4Graph
34Arianaup 1Graph
35Emaup 4Graph
36Vitória    down 4Graph
37Marta    down 6Graph
38Carlotaup 10Graph
39Iara    down 2Graph
40Yasminnew Graph
41Luísanew Graph
41Nicoleup 9Graph
43Daniela    down 6Graph
44Núria    down 8Graph
45Bruna    down 3Graph
46Victóriaup 1Graph
47Alíciaup 2Graph
47Rafaela    down 7Graph
49Helenanew Graph
50Miriamnew Graph
51Jéssica    down 6Graph
51Lianew Graph
53Filipa    down 10Graph
54Júlia    down 10Graph
55Bárbara    down 10Graph
55Éricanew Graph
57Isabelnew Graph
57Teresanew Graph
59Raquelnew Graph
60Kyaranew Graph
61Melissanew Graph
62Carminhonew Graph
62Valentinanew Graph
64Juliananew Graph
65Adriananew Graph
66Noanew Graph
67Lunanew Graph
68Alexandranew Graph
69Déboranew Graph
70Violetanew Graph
71Pilarnew Graph
72Mianew Graph
73Mélanienew Graph
74Soraianew Graph
75Tatiananew Graph
76Irinanew Graph
77Caetananew Graph
78Kellynew Graph
79Eduardanew Graph
80Palomanew Graph
81Maiaranew Graph
82Andreianew Graph
83Fabiananew Graph
83Luciananew Graph
83Nádianew Graph
86Amélianew Graph
86Renatanew Graph
88Isabelanew Graph
88Naiaranew Graph
90Áureanew Graph
91Lorenanew Graph
92Isisnew Graph
93Raissanew Graph
94Liliananew Graph
94Patrícianew Graph
96Alinenew Graph
96Ângelanew Graph
96Lúcianew Graph
99Safiranew Graph
99Saloménew Graph
99Veranew Graph