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Most Popular Names Netherlands 2022

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the Netherlands 2022
Source:Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
Following list:-
Previous list:2021
Highest new entries:Juna (new at 77),  Isabel (new at 79),  Merel (new at 83),  Yuna (new at 85),  Ayla (new at 87)
Largest rises:Romée +27 (now at 48),  Maeve +21 (now at 23),  Jolie +21 (now at 76),  Lily +19 (now at 46),  Lou +19 (now at 74)
Largest falls:Puck -26 (now at 75),  Hanna -25 (now at 95),  Elise -25 (now at 96),  Feline -16 (now at 67),  Lisa -16 (now at 79)

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1Emmaup 2Graph
2Julia    down 1Graph
3Mila    down 1Graph
4Sophieup 2Graph
5Olivia Graph
6Yaraup 4Graph
7Saarup 7Graph
8Nora    down 4Graph
9Tess    down 2Graph
10Noorup 8Graph
11Milou    down 3Graph
12Sara Graph
13Livup 2Graph
14Zoë    down 5Graph
15Evi    down 4Graph
16Anna Graph
17Lunaup 13Graph
18Lotte    down 5Graph
18Ninaup 1Graph
20Eva    down 4Graph
21Emilyup 5Graph
22Lauren    down 2Graph
23Maeveup 21Graph
24Linaup 5Graph
25Elinup 7Graph
26Maud    down 3Graph
27Sarah    down 5Graph
28Novaup 6Graph
29Loïsup 1Graph
29Sofiaup 8Graph
31Miaup 4Graph
32Sofie    down 8Graph
33Lieke    down 12Graph
34Fleurup 1Graph
35Isa    down 8Graph
36Fien    down 12Graph
37Lynn    down 9Graph
38Haileyup 3Graph
39Roos    down 1Graph
40Julie    down 1Graph
41Liviaup 13Graph
42Fenna    down 2Graph
43Ella    down 10Graph
44Sophiaup 1Graph
45Boup 2Graph
46Lilyup 19Graph
47Ivyup 13Graph
48Roméeup 27Graph
49Lenaup 1Graph
50Noéup 7Graph
51Lara    down 5Graph
52Isabellaup 8Graph
53Elenaup 2Graph
54Hannah    down 11Graph
55Cato    down 7Graph
56Noa    down 14Graph
57Maria    down 5Graph
58Veraup 7Graph
59Rosa Graph
60Liva    down 2Graph
60Veerleup 3Graph
62Amberup 10Graph
62Esmee    down 9Graph
64Jasmijnup 10Graph
65Juulup 2Graph
65Mayaup 18Graph
67Feline    down 16Graph
67Floorup 15Graph
69Louaup 15Graph
70Norahup 11Graph
71Rosie    down 9Graph
72Amy    down 16Graph
72Suze    down 3Graph
74Louup 19Graph
75Puck    down 26Graph
76Jolieup 21Graph
77Chloëup 12Graph
77Junanew Graph
79Isabelup 21Graph
79Lisa    down 16Graph
81Jadeup 4Graph
81Lizzy    down 14Graph
83Merelnew Graph
84June    down 7Graph
85Naomi    down 13Graph
85Yunanew Graph
87Aylanew Graph
87Elisanew Graph
87Lola    down 7Graph
87Maenew Graph
91Inayanew Graph
92Charlotte    down 13Graph
93Liz    down 15Graph
94Emilianew Graph
95Hanna    down 25Graph
96Elise    down 25Graph
96Linde    down 5Graph
96Maranew Graph
99Chloénew Graph
100Ayanew Graph