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Most Popular Names Netherlands 2019

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Netherlands 2019
Source:Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
Following list:2020
Previous list:2018
Highest new entries:Oliver (new at 75),  Jake (new at 84),  Pieter (new at 92),  Sepp (new at 92),  Oscar (new at 96)
Largest rises:Otis +45 (now at 55),  Morris +30 (now at 45),  Quinn +19 (now at 61),  Joep +18 (now at 41),  Pim +17 (now at 61)
Largest falls:Tygo -28 (now at 85),  Nathan -24 (now at 77),  Kai -24 (now at 82),  Aiden -23 (now at 90),  Senn -16 (now at 66)

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1Noahup 4Graph
2Daanup 4Graph
3Lucas    down 2Graph
4Levi    down 2Graph
5Sem    down 1Graph
6Finn    down 3Graph
7Liamup 4Graph
8Jamesup 4Graph
9Milanup 1Graph
10Luuk    down 3Graph
11Bram    down 3Graph
12Noudup 3Graph
13Samup 3Graph
14Mees    down 5Graph
15Jesse    down 2Graph
16Adamup 1Graph
17Maxup 2Graph
18Thomas    down 4Graph
19Benjamin    down 1Graph
20Boazup 3Graph
21Julian Graph
22Masonup 4Graph
23Siemup 7Graph
24Lucaup 2Graph
25Lars    down 5Graph
26Gijs    down 1Graph
26Matsup 6Graph
28Hugo    down 4Graph
29Teun Graph
30Davidup 5Graph
31Jackup 7Graph
31Stijnup 10Graph
33Thijs    down 11Graph
34Guus Graph
35Olivierup 1Graph
35Ruben    down 5Graph
37Dex    down 4Graph
38Vince    down 1Graph
39Jens Graph
40Jan    down 12Graph
41Joepup 18Graph
42Daniƫlup 7Graph
43Tiesup 3Graph
44Casup 3Graph
45Morrisup 30Graph
46Sven    down 6Graph
47Jayden    down 4Graph
48Abel Graph
49Floris    down 6Graph
50Tobiasup 9Graph
51Ryan    down 6Graph
52Owenup 3Graph
53Tom    down 3Graph
54Feddeup 9Graph
55Otisup 45Graph
56Jaxxup 5Graph
56Willemup 8Graph
58Tim    down 16Graph
59Tijn    down 5Graph
60Jaxup 11Graph
61Jaceup 11Graph
61Pimup 17Graph
61Quinnup 19Graph
64Pepijnup 1Graph
65Jasonup 2Graph
66Senn    down 16Graph
67Borisup 6Graph
67Jurre    down 11Graph
67Xavi    down 15Graph
70Amirup 13Graph
70Zaynup 15Graph
72Samuelup 2Graph
73Hiddeup 8Graph
73Mohamed    down 6Graph
75Alexander    down 14Graph
75Olivernew Graph
77Nathan    down 24Graph
78Dani    down 2Graph
78Mohammed    down 11Graph
80Mickup 2Graph
81Roan    down 16Graph
82Kai    down 24Graph
82Stanup 15Graph
84Jakenew Graph
85Tygo    down 28Graph
86Lennup 3Graph
86Niek    down 2Graph
88Dean    down 10Graph
89Joshuaup 2Graph
90Aiden    down 23Graph
91Rayan    down 15Graph
92Pieternew Graph
92Seppnew Graph
94Duuk    down 5Graph
95Casper    down 3Graph
96Oscarnew Graph
97Ezra    down 3Graph
98Eliasnew Graph
98Job    down 12Graph
100Felixnew Graph
100Moosnew Graph
100Sepnew Graph