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Most Popular Names Netherlands 2011

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the Netherlands 2011
Source:Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
Following list:2012
Previous list:2010
Highest new entries:Lana (new at 46),  Lise (new at 65),  Sophia (new at 77),  Linde (new at 83),  Lena (new at 90)
Largest rises:Saar +59 (now at 7),  Nova +24 (now at 74),  Liz +22 (now at 60),  Liv +20 (now at 45),  Jill +19 (now at 66)
Largest falls:Demi -47 (now at 96),  Ilse -28 (now at 86),  Marit -26 (now at 79),  Indy -22 (now at 92),  Sterre -21 (now at 84)

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1Emmaup 2Graph
2Julia Graph
3Sophie    down 2Graph
4Lotte Graph
5Isaup 6Graph
6Lisa Graph
7Saarup 59Graph
8Lieke    down 1Graph
9Eva    down 4Graph
10Anna Graph
11Saraup 4Graph
12Fleur Graph
13Sanne    down 4Graph
14Tess    down 1Graph
15Lynn    down 1Graph
16Noa    down 8Graph
17Jasmijnup 2Graph
17Roos    down 1Graph
19Sarahup 3Graph
20Maud    down 2Graph
21Anne    down 4Graph
21Femke    down 1Graph
23Zoë    down 2Graph
24Elin    down 1Graph
24Eviup 9Graph
26Noorup 3Graph
27Milaup 11Graph
28Esmeeup 6Graph
29Naomi    down 4Graph
30Iris    down 6Graph
31Amy    down 4Graph
32Amberup 4Graph
33Fennaup 6Graph
34Anouk    down 8Graph
34Oliviaup 14Graph
36Nina    down 5Graph
37Charlotteup 6Graph
38Luna    down 6Graph
39Britt    down 9Graph
40Eliseup 10Graph
41Eline    down 6Graph
42Felineup 16Graph
43Floor    down 15Graph
44Milouup 13Graph
45Livup 20Graph
46Lananew Graph
47Fayup 14Graph
47Linaup 9Graph
49Yaraup 1Graph
50Vera    down 5Graph
51Maria    down 9Graph
51Sofie    down 11Graph
53Nikki    down 12Graph
53Tessa    down 16Graph
55Nienke    down 8Graph
56Laura    down 13Graph
56Romy    down 1Graph
58Fenne Graph
58Senna    down 13Graph
60Lizup 22Graph
61Laraup 11Graph
62Isabelup 2Graph
62Noraup 9Graph
64Isabellaup 5Graph
65Lisenew Graph
66Jillup 19Graph
67Julie Graph
68Loïs    down 6Graph
69Bo    down 19Graph
70Rosalie    down 17Graph
71Benteup 8Graph
72Veerleup 14Graph
73Fiene    down 5Graph
74Lizzyup 16Graph
74Novaup 24Graph
74Puck    down 2Graph
77Sophianew Graph
78Johannaup 5Graph
79Marit    down 26Graph
80Evyup 8Graph
81Emilyup 14Graph
81Hannah    down 4Graph
83Lindenew Graph
84Sterre    down 21Graph
85Mirthe    down 10Graph
86Ilse    down 28Graph
87Isis    down 8Graph
88Suzeup 3Graph
89Myrtheup 3Graph
90Lenanew Graph
91Bentheup 6Graph
92Indy    down 22Graph
93Kikinew Graph
93Meike    down 1Graph
93Merel    down 19Graph
96Demi    down 47Graph
97Jadeup 3Graph
98Yfke    down 9Graph
99Guusje    down 15Graph
100Norahnew Graph