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Most Popular Names Netherlands 2010

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the Netherlands 2010
Source:Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
Following list:2011
Previous list:2009
Highest new entries:Saar (new at 66),  Liz (new at 82),  Yfke (new at 89),  Lizzy (new at 90),  Suze (new at 91)
Largest rises:Elin +34 (now at 23),  Olivia +31 (now at 48),  Puck +27 (now at 72),  Fay +24 (now at 61),  Isabelle +18 (now at 76)
Largest falls:Indy -31 (now at 70),  Meike -29 (now at 92),  Benthe -24 (now at 97),  Johanna -23 (now at 83),  Jade -19 (now at 100)

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1Sophieup 1Graph
2Juliaup 1Graph
3Emma    down 2Graph
4Lotteup 1Graph
5Evaup 3Graph
6Lisaup 1Graph
7Lieke    down 3Graph
8Noaup 2Graph
9Sanne    down 3Graph
10Anna    down 1Graph
11Isaup 4Graph
12Fleur Graph
13Tess    down 2Graph
14Lynnup 5Graph
15Sara    down 1Graph
16Roosup 2Graph
17Anne    down 4Graph
18Maudup 2Graph
19Jasmijn    down 3Graph
20Femke    down 3Graph
21Zoëup 4Graph
22Sarahup 2Graph
23Elinup 34Graph
24Irisup 4Graph
25Naomiup 2Graph
26Anouk    down 3Graph
27Amy    down 1Graph
28Floorup 6Graph
29Noorup 9Graph
30Britt    down 8Graph
31Nina    down 2Graph
32Luna Graph
33Evi    down 2Graph
34Esmeeup 8Graph
35Elineup 1Graph
36Amber    down 15Graph
37Tessa    down 4Graph
38Milaup 5Graph
39Fennaup 10Graph
40Sofie    down 1Graph
41Nikki    down 11Graph
42Maria    down 7Graph
43Charlotteup 10Graph
43Laura    down 2Graph
45Sennaup 4Graph
45Veraup 7Graph
47Nienke    down 3Graph
48Oliviaup 31Graph
49Demiup 2Graph
50Boup 14Graph
50Elise    down 4Graph
50Yaraup 4Graph
53Marit    down 16Graph
53Rosalieup 5Graph
55Romy    down 10Graph
56Lina    down 2Graph
57Milouup 9Graph
58Felineup 7Graph
58Fenneup 3Graph
58Ilse    down 12Graph
61Fayup 24Graph
62Loïsup 12Graph
63Sterre    down 15Graph
64Isabel    down 5Graph
65Livup 12Graph
66Saarnew Graph
67Julieup 5Graph
68Fieneup 15Graph
69Isabella Graph
70Indy    down 31Graph
71Nora    down 3Graph
72Lara    down 18Graph
72Puckup 27Graph
74Merel    down 12Graph
75Mirtheup 1Graph
76Isabelleup 18Graph
77Esmée    down 6Graph
77Hannahup 3Graph
79Bente    down 9Graph
79Isisup 13Graph
81Robinup 8Graph
82Liznew Graph
83Johanna    down 23Graph
84Guusje    down 1Graph
85Jill    down 18Graph
86Danique    down 1Graph
86Veerle    down 1Graph
88Evy    down 14Graph
89Yfkenew Graph
90Lizzynew Graph
91Suzenew Graph
92Meike    down 29Graph
92Myrthe    down 7Graph
92Quintyup 6Graph
95Emilynew Graph
95Madeliefup 2Graph
97Benthe    down 24Graph
98Novanew Graph
99Noortjenew Graph
100Jade    down 19Graph