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Most Popular Names Netherlands 2021

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Netherlands 2021
Source:Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
Following list:2022
Previous list:2020
Highest new entries:Nolan (new at 88),  Loek (new at 90),  Joah (new at 92),  Felix (new at 95),  Duuk (new at 96)
Largest rises:Mick +40 (now at 47),  Hidde +31 (now at 61),  Samuel +25 (now at 65),  Senn +20 (now at 69),  Jake +19 (now at 52)
Largest falls:Tim -44 (now at 98),  Mohamed -26 (now at 99),  Roan -22 (now at 85),  Jace -16 (now at 73),  Dean -15 (now at 85)

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1Noah Graph
2Lucasup 1Graph
3Sem    down 1Graph
4Daanup 1Graph
5Leviup 2Graph
6Liam    down 3Graph
7Jamesup 3Graph
8Finn    down 2Graph
9Lucaup 6Graph
10Milanup 1Graph
11Mees    down 2Graph
12Luuk    down 4Graph
13Adamup 7Graph
14Masonup 3Graph
14Sam    down 2Graph
16Noud    down 3Graph
17Bram    down 1Graph
18Benjamin    down 4Graph
19Jesseup 2Graph
20Max    down 2Graph
21Siemup 8Graph
22Zaynup 11Graph
23Teunup 2Graph
24Julianup 2Graph
25Thomas    down 6Graph
26Boaz    down 3Graph
27Gijsup 2Graph
28Matsup 4Graph
29Olivier    down 5Graph
30Lars    down 3Graph
31Guus Graph
32Jackup 4Graph
33Thijs    down 5Graph
34Owenup 15Graph
35Janup 7Graph
36Hugo    down 15Graph
36Vinceup 3Graph
38Joepup 2Graph
39Morrisup 8Graph
40Davidup 1Graph
41Otis    down 7Graph
42Jens    down 7Graph
43Stijn Graph
44Ties    down 6Graph
45Abelup 10Graph
45Oliverup 14Graph
47Mickup 40Graph
48Floris    down 11Graph
49Dex    down 4Graph
49Moosup 4Graph
51Ruben    down 4Graph
52Jakeup 19Graph
53Jurre    down 7Graph
54Feddeup 7Graph
54Tijnup 1Graph
56Jayden    down 6Graph
57Sven    down 13Graph
57Tobias    down 5Graph
59Mohammed    down 8Graph
60Willem    down 3Graph
61Hiddeup 31Graph
62Jaxxup 1Graph
63Pepijnup 10Graph
64Tomup 9Graph
65Samuelup 25Graph
66Cas    down 6Graph
66Xavi Graph
68Ryan    down 6Graph
69DaniĆ«l    down 2Graph
69Kaiup 12Graph
69Sennup 20Graph
72Alexander    down 3Graph
73Eliasup 12Graph
73Jace    down 16Graph
75Aidenup 3Graph
75Quinn    down 10Graph
77Melleup 9Graph
78Sepp    down 6Graph
79Ezra    down 6Graph
79Rayanup 2Graph
81Dani    down 13Graph
82Jobup 13Graph
82Lennup 9Graph
84Jason    down 7Graph
85Dean    down 15Graph
85Roan    down 22Graph
87Boris Graph
88Nolannew Graph
89Oscar    down 5Graph
90Loeknew Graph
91Tygoup 7Graph
92Joahnew Graph
93Amir Graph
93Pim    down 10Graph
95Felixnew Graph
96Duuknew Graph
96Joshua Graph
98Tim    down 44Graph
99Arthurup 1Graph
99Mohamed    down 26Graph