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Most Popular Names Brazil 2012

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Brazil 2012
Source:Inofficial list, done by BabyCenter Brasil, based on the names of 84'000 newborns registered on their website
Following list:2013
Previous list:2011
Highest new entries:Isabelly (new at 18),  Esther (new at 43),  Emilly (new at 49),  Clarice (new at 81),  Ana Vitória (new at 82)
Largest rises:Maria Cecília +26 (now at 68),  Maria Sophia +17 (now at 76),  Cecília +15 (now at 35),  Ana Sophia +13 (now at 70),  Elisa +13 (now at 61)
Largest falls:Bruna -18 (now at 77),  Isabel -17 (now at 89),  Marcela -14 (now at 69),  Mariane -13 (now at 91),  Clara -12 (now at 44)

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1Sophiaup 1Graph
2Júlia    down 1Graph
3Isabella Graph
4Aliceup 3Graph
5Manuela Graph
6Maria Eduarda    down 2Graph
7Giovanna    down 1Graph
8Laura Graph
9Luiza Graph
10Beatriz Graph
11Mariana Graph
12Ana Claraup 5Graph
13Maria Claraup 2Graph
14Maria Luizaup 2Graph
15Yasmin    down 3Graph
16Rafaela    down 2Graph
17Gabriela    down 4Graph
18Isabellynew Graph
19Ana Júliaup 3Graph
20Valentinaup 3Graph
21Letícia Graph
22Lara    down 3Graph
23Ana Luiza    down 3Graph
24Lorenaup 7Graph
25Helenaup 4Graph
26Nicole    down 2Graph
27Isadora Graph
28Lívia Graph
29Sarah    down 4Graph
30Marinaup 6Graph
31Ana Beatriz    down 1Graph
32Melissaup 5Graph
33Heloísaup 2Graph
34Vitória    down 8Graph
35Cecíliaup 15Graph
36Emanuelly    down 2Graph
37Lavíniaup 8Graph
38Maria Fernandaup 2Graph
39Amandaup 3Graph
40Gabrielly    down 2Graph
41Larissa    down 8Graph
42Biancaup 2Graph
43Esthernew Graph
44Clara    down 12Graph
45Rebeca    down 4Graph
46Eduarda    down 7Graph
47Alícia    down 4Graph
48Carolina Graph
49Emillynew Graph
50Maria Júliaup 1Graph
51Fernanda    down 5Graph
52Pietra Graph
53Milenaup 1Graph
54Ana Lauraup 8Graph
55Catarinaup 8Graph
56Maria Aliceup 9Graph
57Ana Carolina    down 4Graph
58Agathaup 9Graph
59Natália    down 2Graph
60Laís    down 4Graph
61Elisaup 13Graph
62Camila    down 2Graph
63Maria Vitóriaup 1Graph
64Luana    down 3Graph
65Olíviaup 1Graph
66Mirellaup 2Graph
67Maria    down 9Graph
68Maria Cecíliaup 26Graph
69Marcela    down 14Graph
70Ana Sophiaup 13Graph
71Kamillyup 2Graph
72Joanaup 5Graph
73Eloáup 3Graph
74Stella    down 4Graph
75Sophie    down 6Graph
76Maria Sophiaup 17Graph
77Bruna    down 18Graph
78Julianaup 2Graph
79Bárbara Graph
80Maitêup 10Graph
81Claricenew Graph
82Ana Vitórianew Graph
83Carolineup 2Graph
84Anaup 7Graph
85Ana Lívia    down 1Graph
86Evelynup 1Graph
87Luna    down 12Graph
88Stephanynew Graph
89Isabel    down 17Graph
90Alexianew Graph
91Mariane    down 13Graph
92Brenda    down 6Graph
93Kamilly Vitórianew Graph
94Alana    down 12Graph
95Maysanew Graph
96Raquel    down 7Graph
97Nina    down 5Graph
98Sabrinaup 2Graph
99Emanuellanew Graph
100Danielanew Graph