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Most Popular Names Netherlands 2008

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the Netherlands 2008
Source:Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
Following list:2009
Previous list:2007
Highest new entries:Tess (new at 19),  Amber (new at 20),  Roos (new at 21),  Lynn (new at 22),  Femke (new at 23)
Largest rises:Anne +5 (now at 9),  Jasmijn +4 (now at 15),  Maud +3 (now at 12),  Sophie +3 (now at 1),  Lieke +2 (now at 3)
Largest falls:Iris -6 (now at 17),  Fleur -4 (now at 14),  Lotte -4 (now at 6),  Sanne -3 (now at 4),  Anouk -1 (now at 18)

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1Sophieup 3Graph
2Juliaup 1Graph
3Liekeup 2Graph
4Sanne    down 3Graph
5Emmaup 1Graph
6Lotte    down 4Graph
7Anna Graph
8Eva Graph
9Anneup 5Graph
10Lisa    down 1Graph
11Isaup 2Graph
12Maudup 3Graph
13Noa    down 1Graph
14Fleur    down 4Graph
15Jasmijnup 4Graph
16Saraup 2Graph
17Iris    down 6Graph
18Anouk    down 1Graph
19Tessnew Graph
20Ambernew Graph
21Roos    down 1Graph
22Lynnnew Graph
23Femke    down 7Graph
24Ninanew Graph
24Brittnew Graph
26Amynew Graph
27Nikkinew Graph
27Zoënew Graph
29Naominew Graph
30Tessanew Graph
31Lauranew Graph
32Elinenew Graph
33Maritnew Graph
34Sarahnew Graph
35Sofienew Graph
36Floornew Graph
37Lunanew Graph
38Indynew Graph
39Evinew Graph
39Marianew Graph
41Deminew Graph
42Sennanew Graph
43Milanew Graph
44Noornew Graph
45Nienkenew Graph
46Ilsenew Graph
47Romynew Graph
48Fennanew Graph
49Esmeenew Graph
50Charlottenew Graph
51Laranew Graph
52Veranew Graph
53Rosalienew Graph
53Meikenew Graph
55Fennenew Graph
56Elisenew Graph
57Kimnew Graph
58Bentenew Graph
59Isabelnew Graph
60Noranew Graph
60Yaranew Graph
62Daniquenew Graph
63Johannanew Graph
64Renskenew Graph
65Milounew Graph
66Sterrenew Graph
66Merelnew Graph
68Jillnew Graph
69Myrthenew Graph
70Isabellanew Graph
71Linanew Graph
72Loïsnew Graph
73Guusjenew Graph
74Mirthenew Graph
75Jadenew Graph
76Julienew Graph
77Veerlenew Graph
78Esméenew Graph
79Hannahnew Graph
80Bonew Graph
81Evynew Graph
82Isisnew Graph
83Lindenew Graph
84Fienenew Graph
85Piennew Graph
86Felinenew Graph
87Olivianew Graph
87Rosanew Graph
89Silkenew Graph
89Maartjenew Graph
91Kyranew Graph
91Faynew Graph
91Kikinew Graph
94Elisabethnew Graph
95Daphnenew Graph
96Elinnew Graph
96Benthenew Graph
98Maaikenew Graph
99Livnew Graph
100Taranew Graph