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Most Popular Names Austria/Vienna 2008

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the city of Vienna, Austria 2008
Source:Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Abteilung 61 (Standesämter & Staatsbürgerschaft)
Following list:2009
Previous list:2007
Highest new entries:Luca (new at 21),  Adrian (new at 23),  Gabriel (new at 24),  Samuel (new at 24),  Arda (new at 30)
Largest rises:Luka +8 (now at 20),  Elias +5 (now at 19),  Benjamin +4 (now at 11),  Felix +4 (now at 5),  Leon +3 (now at 8)
Largest falls:Stefan -8 (now at 28),  Dominik -8 (now at 24),  Paul -5 (now at 12),  Julian -4 (now at 10),  Florian -4 (now at 17)

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1David Graph
2Maximilian Graph
3Alexander Graph
4Lukasup 1Graph
5Daniel    down 1Graph
5Felixup 4Graph
5Sebastianup 3Graph
8Leonup 3Graph
9Tobiasup 1Graph
10Julian    down 4Graph
11Benjaminup 4Graph
12Paul    down 5Graph
13Fabian    down 1Graph
14Jakob Graph
15Marcelup 3Graph
16Simon Graph
17Florian    down 4Graph
18Moritz Graph
19Eliasup 5Graph
20Lukaup 8Graph
21Lucanew Graph
21Raphael Graph
23Adriannew Graph
24Dominik    down 8Graph
24Gabrielnew Graph
24Samuelnew Graph
27Philipp    down 2Graph
28Noah    down 1Graph
28Stefan    down 8Graph
30Ardanew Graph
31Kevinnew Graph
31Marko    down 5Graph
33Muhammed    down 4Graph
33Niklasnew Graph
35Matthias    down 14Graph
36Christiannew Graph
36Michael    down 13Graph
38Niconew Graph
39Jonasnew Graph
40Nicolasnew Graph
41Alinew Graph
41Valentinnew Graph
43Filipnew Graph
43Martinnew Graph
45Luisnew Graph
45Olivernew Graph
45Thomasnew Graph
48Emilnew Graph
49Clemensnew Graph
49Lorenznew Graph
51Manuelnew Graph
51Patricknew Graph
53Aleksandarnew Graph
53Maxnew Graph
55Marionew Graph