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Name Dianne

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About the name Dianne in particular

Languages of use:German, French
Popularity:no rank in any popularity list in this database
Similarly written:Diane, Dianna, Díanna, Dionne, Adrianne, Anne, Brianne, Dafne, Danaë, Dane     Details
Group info:

About Diana, the group of names with the same origin as Dianne

Language of origin:Latin
Info about origin:in Roman mythology Diana is the goddess of hunting and of the moon
 the name probably derives from a very old Indoeuropean word which is also the origin of Zeus
Words:deiwo = the light, the daylight, the deity  Indoeuropean
Topics:Roman mythology
Variants' top ranks:7:Diana Ecuador 2013,  9:Diane England+Wales 1964,  44:Dayana Mexico 2021,  63:Diána Hungary 2012,  117:Deanna USA 1970-1979,  190:Kiana USA 1996,  352:Dijana Switzerland 1997,  430:Dajana Switzerland 1997,  47:Díana Iceland 2018,  47:Díanna Iceland 2018
Name variants:Dajana, Dayana, Deanna, Dian, Diana, Diána, Díana, Diane, Dianna, Díanna, Dianne, Dijana, Kiana   Sortable list   Details