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Most Popular Names Slovenia 2020

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Slovenia 2020
Source:Statisticni Urad Republike Slovenije / Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Following list:2021
Previous list:2019
Highest new entries:Pika (new at 40),  Naja (new at 44),  Evelin (new at 49),  Sia (new at 49),  Ota (new at 49)
Largest rises:Ziva +18 (now at 30),  Alina +17 (now at 27),  Lili +11 (now at 33),  Lana +8 (now at 9),  Mila +8 (now at 11)
Largest falls:Manca -19 (now at 48),  Sara -10 (now at 15),  Inja -8 (now at 40),  Neja -8 (now at 44),  Zoja -7 (now at 17)

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1Emaup 1Graph
2Zala    down 1Graph
3Mia Graph
4Hanaup 4Graph
5Julija    down 1Graph
6Evaup 2Graph
7Ela    down 1Graph
8Sofijaup 4Graph
9Nikaup 2Graph
9Lanaup 8Graph
11Nezaup 5Graph
11Milaup 8Graph
13Lara    down 6Graph
14Anaup 4Graph
15Sara    down 10Graph
16Ajda    down 2Graph
17Zoja    down 7Graph
18Masa    down 5Graph
18Vita    down 4Graph
20Sofiaup 5Graph
21Ivaup 5Graph
22Izaup 6Graph
23Zarja    down 1Graph
23Brina Graph
25Kaja    down 4Graph
26Klara    down 6Graph
27Alinaup 17Graph
28Gaja    down 5Graph
28Ulaup 2Graph
30Zivaup 18Graph
31Lina    down 4Graph
31Taraup 4Graph
33Liliup 11Graph
34Tinkara    down 3Graph
35Nina    down 1Graph
36Mijaup 3Graph
37Zaraup 1Graph
38Leaup 3Graph
39Lia    down 3Graph
40Inja    down 8Graph
40Lucija    down 7Graph
40Majaup 3Graph
40Pikanew Graph
44Neja    down 8Graph
44Pia    down 4Graph
44Najanew Graph
47Taja Graph
48Manca    down 19Graph
49Evelinnew Graph
49Sianew Graph
49Otanew Graph