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Most Popular Names Netherlands 2011

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Netherlands 2011
Source:Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
Following list:2012
Previous list:2010
Highest new entries:Dex (new at 70),  Mick (new at 86),  Quinn (new at 89),  Joey (new at 92),  Fedde (new at 94)
Largest rises:Benjamin +36 (now at 29),  Adam +29 (now at 38),  Siem +28 (now at 28),  Nathan +20 (now at 78),  Guus +17 (now at 53)
Largest falls:Keano -36 (now at 80),  Stan -18 (now at 49),  Robin -18 (now at 61),  Roan -17 (now at 43),  Mike -14 (now at 87)

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1Daanup 3Graph
2Sem    down 1Graph
3Milan Graph
4Leviup 3Graph
5Luukup 5Graph
6Lucas    down 4Graph
7Jayden    down 2Graph
8Thomas Graph
9Stijnup 3Graph
10Jesse Graph
11Finnup 5Graph
12Rubenup 1Graph
12Tim    down 6Graph
14Thijs    down 5Graph
15Lars    down 1Graph
16Bram    down 1Graph
17Julian Graph
18Mees Graph
19Liamup 5Graph
20Sven    down 1Graph
21Noah Graph
22Gijs    down 1Graph
23Max    down 3Graph
24Sam    down 1Graph
25Deanup 14Graph
26Teunup 1Graph
27Janup 2Graph
28Siemup 28Graph
29Benjaminup 36Graph
30Florisup 4Graph
31Tijn    down 3Graph
32Luca    down 7Graph
33Tygoup 8Graph
34DaniĆ«l    down 1Graph
34Nick    down 4Graph
36Hugoup 13Graph
37Jensup 5Graph
38Adamup 29Graph
39David    down 4Graph
40Matsup 5Graph
41Ryan    down 5Graph
42Jasper    down 10Graph
43Roan    down 17Graph
44Tom    down 6Graph
45Pepijnup 9Graph
46Dylanup 5Graph
46Koen    down 7Graph
48Niels    down 11Graph
49Stan    down 18Graph
50Cas    down 2Graph
51Tiesup 8Graph
52Olivierup 3Graph
53Guusup 17Graph
54Joep    down 7Graph
55Thijmen    down 6Graph
56Justin    down 4Graph
57Johannes    down 4Graph
58Mohamed    down 1Graph
59Willem    down 14Graph
60Timoup 1Graph
61Robin    down 18Graph
62Damian Graph
63Hiddeup 7Graph
63Rayan Graph
65Mohammedup 9Graph
66Pimup 9Graph
67Quintenup 2Graph
68Bas    down 10Graph
69Jurre    down 9Graph
70Dexnew Graph
71Pieterup 1Graph
72Daniup 5Graph
73Boazup 4Graph
74Jelle    down 10Graph
75Joshua    down 7Graph
76Niek    down 10Graph
76Vinceup 6Graph
78Nathanup 20Graph
79Tobiasup 12Graph
80Keano    down 36Graph
81Casperup 2Graph
82Cornelisup 11Graph
83Hendrik    down 2Graph
84Alexanderup 3Graph
85Simon    down 9Graph
86Micknew Graph
87Mike    down 14Graph
88Joris    down 9Graph
89Quinnnew Graph
89Rens    down 9Graph
91Jasonup 9Graph
92Joeynew Graph
92Samuel    down 8Graph
94Feddenew Graph
94Stefnew Graph
96Job    down 6Graph
97Jacknew Graph
98Jonathan    down 9Graph
99Fabianup 2Graph
99Lucnew Graph