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Most Popular Names Netherlands 2010

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Netherlands 2010
Source:Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
Following list:2011
Previous list:2009
Highest new entries:Boaz (new at 77),  Wesley (new at 86),  Jonathan (new at 89),  Twan (new at 95),  Maarten (new at 97)
Largest rises:Liam +42 (now at 24),  Dean +36 (now at 39),  Keano +31 (now at 44),  Siem +27 (now at 56),  Joshua +17 (now at 68)
Largest falls:Thijmen -20 (now at 49),  Dani -19 (now at 77),  Rick -16 (now at 93),  Pieter -13 (now at 72),  Dylan -12 (now at 51)

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1Semup 1Graph
2Lucasup 1Graph
3Milanup 5Graph
4Daan    down 3Graph
5Jayden Graph
6Timup 1Graph
7Leviup 9Graph
8Thomas    down 2Graph
9Thijsup 2Graph
10Jesse Graph
10Luukup 5Graph
12Stijnup 1Graph
13Ruben    down 9Graph
14Lars    down 5Graph
15Bram    down 1Graph
16Finn    down 4Graph
17Julianup 1Graph
18Meesup 3Graph
19Sven    down 2Graph
20Max Graph
21Gijsup 4Graph
21Noah    down 2Graph
23Samup 3Graph
24Liamup 42Graph
25Lucaup 5Graph
26Roan    down 2Graph
27Teun    down 5Graph
28Tijnup 3Graph
29Jan    down 2Graph
30Nick    down 7Graph
31Stanup 5Graph
32Jasperup 2Graph
33Daniƫlup 2Graph
34Florisup 9Graph
35Davidup 11Graph
36Ryanup 2Graph
37Niels    down 4Graph
38Tom    down 10Graph
39Deanup 36Graph
39Koen    down 8Graph
41Tygo    down 5Graph
42Jens Graph
43Robinup 1Graph
44Keanoup 31Graph
45Matsup 11Graph
45Willem    down 5Graph
47Joepup 10Graph
48Cas    down 4Graph
49Hugo    down 2Graph
49Thijmen    down 20Graph
51Dylan    down 12Graph
52Justin    down 12Graph
53Johannes    down 3Graph
54Pepijn Graph
55Olivierup 13Graph
56Siemup 27Graph
57Mohamed    down 8Graph
58Bas    down 5Graph
59Ties    down 7Graph
60Jurre    down 12Graph
61Timo    down 10Graph
62Damianup 2Graph
63Rayanup 7Graph
64Jelle    down 9Graph
65Benjamin Graph
66Niek    down 3Graph
67Adam    down 5Graph
68Joshuaup 17Graph
69Quinten    down 9Graph
70Guus    down 9Graph
70Hiddeup 2Graph
72Pieter    down 13Graph
73Mike    down 4Graph
74Mohammed    down 8Graph
75Pim    down 4Graph
76Simon    down 2Graph
77Boaznew Graph
77Dani    down 19Graph
79Jorisup 14Graph
80Rens    down 8Graph
81Hendrik Graph
82Vinceup 9Graph
83Casper Graph
84Samuelup 14Graph
85Wesselup 8Graph
86Wesleynew Graph
87Alexander    down 2Graph
88Mika    down 10Graph
89Jonathannew Graph
90Job    down 11Graph
91Sander    down 10Graph
91Tobias    down 2Graph
93Cornelis    down 3Graph
93Rick    down 16Graph
95Twannew Graph
96Tristan    down 8Graph
97Maartennew Graph
98Dylanonew Graph
98Nathan    down 1Graph
100Jason    down 7Graph
101Fabiannew Graph