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Most Popular Names Netherlands 2009

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Netherlands 2009
Source:Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
Following list:2010
Previous list:2008
Highest new entries:Job (new at 79),  Samuel (new at 98),  Stef (new at 100)
Largest rises:Roan +76 (now at 24),  Dani +27 (now at 58),  Guus +21 (now at 61),  Rayan +20 (now at 70),  Mees +17 (now at 21)
Largest falls:Kevin -33 (now at 96),  Keano -29 (now at 75),  Mike -24 (now at 69),  Rick -19 (now at 77),  Tristan -19 (now at 88)

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1Daan Graph
2Sem Graph
3Lucasup 8Graph
4Rubenup 4Graph
5Jayden    down 1Graph
6Thomas    down 1Graph
7Tim    down 4Graph
8Milanup 2Graph
9Lars Graph
10Jesse    down 3Graph
11Thijs    down 5Graph
12Finnup 1Graph
13Stijn    down 1Graph
14Bramup 2Graph
15Luuk Graph
16Leviup 1Graph
17Sven    down 3Graph
18Julianup 5Graph
19Noahup 5Graph
20Max    down 1Graph
21Meesup 17Graph
22Teunup 14Graph
23Nick    down 5Graph
24Roanup 76Graph
25Gijs    down 4Graph
26Sam    down 6Graph
27Jan    down 5Graph
28Tom Graph
29Thijmenup 8Graph
30Lucaup 2Graph
31Koen Graph
31Tijn    down 3Graph
33Niels    down 8Graph
34Jasperup 1Graph
35DaniĆ«l    down 9Graph
36Stanup 6Graph
36Tygo    down 8Graph
38Ryan    down 5Graph
39Dylan    down 12Graph
40Justin    down 6Graph
40Willem Graph
42Jensup 1Graph
43Floris    down 4Graph
44Cas Graph
44Robinup 7Graph
46David    down 5Graph
47Hugoup 10Graph
48Jurreup 8Graph
49Mohamedup 4Graph
50Johannesup 4Graph
51Timo    down 3Graph
52Tiesup 3Graph
53Bas    down 4Graph
54Pepijnup 13Graph
55Jelle    down 3Graph
56Matsup 5Graph
57Joepup 4Graph
58Daniup 27Graph
59Pieterup 1Graph
60Quinten    down 11Graph
61Guusup 21Graph
62Adamup 14Graph
63Niek    down 5Graph
64Damian    down 17Graph
65Benjaminup 6Graph
66Liamup 16Graph
66Mohammedup 15Graph
68Olivierup 5Graph
69Mike    down 24Graph
70Rayanup 20Graph
71Pimup 17Graph
72Hidde    down 2Graph
72Rens    down 1Graph
74Simonup 1Graph
75Dean    down 11Graph
75Keano    down 29Graph
77Rick    down 19Graph
78Mika    down 14Graph
79Bartup 3Graph
79Jobnew Graph
81Hendrik    down 15Graph
81Sander    down 14Graph
83Casper    down 6Graph
83Siemup 7Graph
85Alexanderup 12Graph
85Joshuaup 8Graph
85Mickup 14Graph
88Tristan    down 19Graph
89Tobiasup 9Graph
90Cornelis    down 12Graph
91Vince    down 5Graph
92Matthijs    down 19Graph
93Jasonup 1Graph
93Joris    down 15Graph
93Wesselup 1Graph
96Kevin    down 33Graph
97Nathan    down 8Graph
98Joey    down 18Graph
98Samuelnew Graph
100Stefnew Graph