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Most Popular Names Austria/Vienna 2022

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the city of Vienna, Austria 2022
Source:Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Abteilung 61 (Standesämter & Staatsbürgerschaft)
Following list:-
Previous list:2021
Highest new entries:Gabriel (new at 35),  Ali (new at 45),  Stefan (new at 45),  Omar (new at 50),  Alparslan (new at 51)
Largest rises:Luca +25 (now at 18),  Hamza +18 (now at 25),  Julian +14 (now at 12),  Mateo +13 (now at 10),  Jonas +8 (now at 22)
Largest falls:Tobias -19 (now at 37),  Leo -11 (now at 18),  Anton -10 (now at 38),  Moritz -10 (now at 30),  Levi -9 (now at 49)

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1Noahup 3Graph
2Felixup 6Graph
3Maximilian    down 1Graph
4Adamup 5Graph
5David    down 2Graph
5Eliasup 1Graph
5Theodorup 7Graph
8Leon    down 7Graph
9Jakobup 5Graph
10Mateoup 13Graph
10Paul    down 5Graph
12Julianup 14Graph
12Luka    down 1Graph
14Matteoup 1Graph
15Emil    down 3Graph
16Alexander    down 6Graph
17Benjamin    down 2Graph
18Leo    down 11Graph
18Lucaup 25Graph
18Valentin    down 1Graph
21Liamup 4Graph
22Danielup 5Graph
22Jonasup 8Graph
22Filip    down 3Graph
25Fabianup 5Graph
25Hamzaup 18Graph
25Lukas    down 3Graph
28Adrianup 8Graph
28Raphael Graph
30Moritz    down 10Graph
30Oskar    down 7Graph
30Samuel    down 9Graph
33Oliver    down 3Graph
33Theo Graph
35Gabrielnew Graph
35Simon    down 2Graph
37Tobias    down 19Graph
38Anton    down 10Graph
38Vincent    down 2Graph
40Ferdinand    down 7Graph
41Luisup 8Graph
41Viktor    down 1Graph
43Konstantin Graph
43Leopold    down 5Graph
45Alinew Graph
45Ben    down 2Graph
45Finn    down 2Graph
45Stefannew Graph
49Levi    down 9Graph
50Omarnew Graph
51Alparslannew Graph
51Andrejnew Graph
51Dominiknew Graph
51Jonathan    down 12Graph
51Yusuf    down 2Graph
51Louis    down 9Graph
51Maliknew Graph
58Arthur    down 15Graph
58Michaelnew Graph
58Niklasnew Graph