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Most Popular Names Austria 2014

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Austria 2014
Source:Statistik Austria
Following list:-
Previous list:2013
Highest new entries:Theodor (new at 53),  Theo (new at 56),  Oskar (new at 58)
Largest rises:Finn +10 (now at 49),  Jonathan +10 (now at 39),  Max +7 (now at 43),  Benjamin +6 (now at 25),  Samuel +5 (now at 22)
Largest falls:Thomas -10 (now at 52),  Dominik -5 (now at 35),  Adrian -5 (now at 48),  Niklas -4 (now at 28),  Gabriel -4 (now at 38)
Note:Rankings with limited informative value: First names and second names are counted equally despite second names playing a rather small role in everyday life of Austrians

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1Lukasup 1Graph
2Maximilianup 1Graph
3Jakobup 2Graph
4Davidup 2Graph
5Tobias    down 4Graph
6Paulup 1Graph
7Jonasup 1Graph
8Felix    down 4Graph
9Alexanderup 1Graph
9Elias Graph
11Raphaelup 1Graph
12Simon    down 1Graph
13Fabianup 3Graph
14Sebastian    down 2Graph
15Leon Graph
16Luca    down 2Graph
17Julianup 1Graph
18Florianup 1Graph
19Moritz    down 2Graph
20Philipp Graph
21Matthias Graph
22Noahup 1Graph
22Samuelup 5Graph
24Nico    down 2Graph
25Benjaminup 6Graph
26Daniel Graph
26Michael    down 1Graph
28Niklas    down 4Graph
29Matteo    down 2Graph
30Leo    down 1Graph
31Lorenzup 2Graph
32Johannes Graph
33Luisup 3Graph
33Valentinup 5Graph
35Dominik    down 5Graph
36Konstantinup 1Graph
37Marcel    down 3Graph
38Gabriel    down 4Graph
39Benup 1Graph
39Jonathanup 10Graph
41Emil Graph
42Jan    down 3Graph
43Clemensup 3Graph
43Maxup 7Graph
45Manuel    down 1Graph
46Stefan    down 1Graph
47Fabioup 3Graph
48Adrian    down 5Graph
49Finnup 10Graph
50Andreas    down 2Graph
51Antonup 1Graph
52Thomas    down 10Graph
53Theodornew Graph
54Marco    down 1Graph
55Vincent Graph
56Theonew Graph
57Tim    down 3Graph
58Oskarnew Graph
59Christian Graph
59Martin    down 2Graph