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Most Popular Names Austria/Vienna 2009

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the city of Vienna, Austria 2009
Source:Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Abteilung 61 (Standesämter & Staatsbürgerschaft)
Following list:2010
Previous list:2008
Highest new entries:Lina (new at 30),  Maria (new at 34),  Elif (new at 38)
Largest rises:Nina +15 (now at 17),  Mia +11 (now at 15),  Helena +10 (now at 26),  Emma +9 (now at 10),  Valentina +8 (now at 18)
Largest falls:Magdalena -20 (now at 38),  Hannah -15 (now at 29),  Marlene -9 (now at 33),  Victoria -8 (now at 28),  Elena -8 (now at 23)

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1Sophieup 1Graph
2Lauraup 3Graph
2Leonieup 1Graph
4Anna Graph
5Lenaup 2Graph
6Sarah Graph
7Laraup 1Graph
8Julia    down 7Graph
9Sara Graph
10Emmaup 9Graph
10Katharina Graph
10Marieup 1Graph
13Lea Graph
14Lisa    down 2Graph
15Miaup 11Graph
16Angelina    down 1Graph
17Ninaup 15Graph
18Valentinaup 8Graph
19Emilyup 1Graph
20Amelieup 6Graph
21Emiliaup 2Graph
21Sophia    down 4Graph
23Elena    down 8Graph
24Vanessaup 1Graph
25Johannaup 1Graph
26Helenaup 10Graph
27Viktoriaup 4Graph
28Victoria    down 8Graph
29Hannah    down 15Graph
30Linanew Graph
31Chiara    down 1Graph
31Jasminup 3Graph
33Marlene    down 9Graph
34Mariaup 11Graph
35Isabella    down 3Graph
36Alina Graph
36Miriam Graph
38Elifup 11Graph
38Magdalena    down 20Graph
40Valerie    down 5Graph