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Most Popular Names Portugal 2019

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Portugal 2019
Source:Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado (IRN) / Portuguese Institute of Registries and Notaries
Following list:2020
Previous list:2018
Highest new entries:Frederico (new at 49),  Matheus (new at 50)
Largest rises:Valentim +6 (now at 41),  Gabriel +5 (now at 5),  António +4 (now at 29),  Xavier +4 (now at 40),  Guilherme +3 (now at 13)
Largest falls:Henrique -5 (now at 32),  Manuel -5 (now at 31),  Kevin -4 (now at 45),  Tomás -4 (now at 10),  Martim -4 (now at 11)

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1Franciscoup 1Graph
2João    down 1Graph
3Santiago Graph
4Afonso Graph
5Gabrielup 5Graph
6Duarte    down 1Graph
7Lourençoup 2Graph
8Miguelup 3Graph
9Rodrigo    down 1Graph
10Tomás    down 4Graph
11Martim    down 4Graph
12Vicenteup 3Graph
13Guilhermeup 3Graph
14Lucas    down 2Graph
15Salvadorup 2Graph
16Pedro    down 3Graph
17Dinis    down 3Graph
18Gonçalo Graph
19Mateusup 1Graph
20Rafael    down 1Graph
21Gustavo Graph
22Tiago Graph
23Joséup 2Graph
24Diogo    down 1Graph
25Diego    down 1Graph
26Simãoup 2Graph
27Bernardoup 2Graph
28Vascoup 3Graph
29Antónioup 4Graph
29Davidup 1Graph
31Manuel    down 5Graph
32Henrique    down 5Graph
33Daniel    down 2Graph
34Enzo Graph
35Andréup 1Graph
36Leonardo    down 1Graph
37Luís Graph
38Eduardoup 1Graph
39Isaac    down 1Graph
40Xavierup 4Graph
41Valentimup 6Graph
42Matias Graph
43Artur    down 3Graph
44Filipeup 2Graph
45Kevin    down 4Graph
46Alexandre    down 3Graph
47Samuelup 2Graph
48Benjamim    down 3Graph
49Fredericoup 2Graph
50Matheusnew Graph