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Most Popular Names Warsaw 2009

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Warsaw, Poland 2009
Source:Statistics based on birth announcements in the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, done by B. Górny
Following list:2010
Previous list:2008
Highest new entries:Ewa (new at 41),  Kalina (new at 41),  Liliana (new at 41),  Daria (new at 47)
Largest rises:Michalina +16 (now at 24),  Blanka +10 (now at 37),  Nadia +10 (now at 33),  Agata +10 (now at 31),  Lena +9 (now at 9)
Largest falls:Dominika -16 (now at 38),  Marta -14 (now at 36),  Helena -11 (now at 44),  Milena -11 (now at 47),  Joanna -8 (now at 39)

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1Julia Graph
2Maja Graph
3Zuzanna Graph
4Nataliaup 1Graph
5Zofiaup 3Graph
6Oliwiaup 1Graph
7Aleksandra    down 3Graph
8Wiktoria    down 2Graph
9Lenaup 9Graph
10Amelia    down 1Graph
11Hanna    down 1Graph
12Alicjaup 1Graph
13Annaup 3Graph
14Gabriela    down 2Graph
15Maria    down 5Graph
16Weronika    down 1Graph
17Antonina Graph
18Karolina    down 4Graph
19Nikolaup 8Graph
20Pola    down 1Graph
21Martynaup 4Graph
22Emiliaup 7Graph
23Magdalena    down 2Graph
24Michalinaup 16Graph
25Barbaraup 3Graph
26Kingaup 3Graph
27Malgorzata    down 7Graph
28Ninaup 3Graph
29Katarzyna    down 3Graph
29Patrycja    down 5Graph
31Agataup 10Graph
31Lauraup 8Graph
33Iga Graph
33Nadiaup 10Graph
35Klaudia    down 2Graph
36Marta    down 14Graph
37Blankaup 10Graph
38Dominika    down 16Graph
39Joanna    down 8Graph
40Paulina    down 2Graph
41Ewanew Graph
41Kalinanew Graph
41Liliananew Graph
44Helena    down 11Graph
45Lucjaup 2Graph
45Matylda    down 8Graph
47Darianew Graph
47Milena    down 11Graph
49Kamila    down 7Graph
50Jagoda    down 4Graph