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Most Popular Names Netherlands 2008

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Netherlands 2008
Source:Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
Following list:2009
Previous list:2007
Highest new entries:Levi (new at 17),  Nick (new at 18),  Sam (new at 20),  Gijs (new at 21),  Jan (new at 22)
Largest rises:Jayden +9 (now at 4),  Finn +3 (now at 13),  Thijs +2 (now at 6),  Lars +2 (now at 9),  Daan +2 (now at 1)
Largest falls:Ruben -4 (now at 8),  Milan -3 (now at 10),  Sven -2 (now at 14),  Lucas -2 (now at 11),  Stijn -2 (now at 12)

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1Daanup 2Graph
2Sem    down 1Graph
3Tim    down 1Graph
4Jaydenup 9Graph
5Thomas Graph
6Thijsup 2Graph
7Jesse    down 1Graph
8Ruben    down 4Graph
9Larsup 2Graph
10Milan    down 3Graph
11Lucas    down 2Graph
12Stijn    down 2Graph
13Finnup 3Graph
14Sven    down 2Graph
15Luuk Graph
16Bram    down 2Graph
17Levinew Graph
18Nicknew Graph
19Max    down 2Graph
20Samnew Graph
21Gijsnew Graph
22Jannew Graph
23Julian    down 4Graph
24Noahnew Graph
25Niels    down 7Graph
26Daniƫlnew Graph
27Dylannew Graph
28Tygonew Graph
28Tomnew Graph
28Tijnnew Graph
31Koennew Graph
32Lucanew Graph
33Ryannew Graph
34Justinnew Graph
35Jasper    down 15Graph
36Teunnew Graph
37Thijmennew Graph
38Meesnew Graph
39Florisnew Graph
40Willemnew Graph
41Davidnew Graph
42Stannew Graph
43Jensnew Graph
44Casnew Graph
45Mikenew Graph
46Keanonew Graph
47Damiannew Graph
48Timonew Graph
49Basnew Graph
49Quintennew Graph
51Robinnew Graph
52Jellenew Graph
53Mohamednew Graph
54Johannesnew Graph
55Tiesnew Graph
56Jurrenew Graph
57Hugonew Graph
58Nieknew Graph
58Ricknew Graph
60Pieternew Graph
61Joepnew Graph
61Matsnew Graph
63Kevinnew Graph
64Deannew Graph
64Mikanew Graph
66Hendriknew Graph
67Pepijnnew Graph
67Sandernew Graph
69Tristannew Graph
70Hiddenew Graph
71Benjaminnew Graph
71Rensnew Graph
73Oliviernew Graph
73Matthijsnew Graph
75Simonnew Graph
76Adamnew Graph
77Caspernew Graph
78Cornelisnew Graph
78Jorisnew Graph
80Joeynew Graph
81Mohammednew Graph
82Bartnew Graph
82Guusnew Graph
82Liamnew Graph
85Daninew Graph
86Vincenew Graph
87Marijnnew Graph
88Pimnew Graph
89Nathannew Graph
90Siemnew Graph
90Rayannew Graph
92Jespernew Graph
93Joshuanew Graph
94Jasonnew Graph
94Wesselnew Graph
94Lucnew Graph
97Alexandernew Graph
98Tobiasnew Graph
99Micknew Graph
100Roannew Graph