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Name Maxine

Origin:From a Latin word for very great, greatestTools:

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About the name Maxine in particular

Languages of use:German, English
Topics:Asteroid 3977 Maxine, discovered 1983
US 2020 rank:#734     ... 735:Dulce, 736:Indie, 737:Maxine, 738:Waverly, 739:Giovanna ...     Full US 2020 list
Similarly written:Marine, Maxime, Adine, Aine, Aline, Amine, Anine, Caline, Carine, Daline     Details
Group info:

About Maximilian/Maximiliane, the group of names with the same origin as Maxine

Language of origin:Latin
Info about origin, male:known as the name of several saints and kings
 from the Roman name Maximilianus which derives from the family name Maximinus
 the family name Maximinus derives from the Latin word maximus (very great, greatest)
Words:maximus = very great, greatest  Latin
Topics:Roman family name
Variants' top ranks:1:Maximilian Germany 2017,  2:Max Netherlands 2000,  7:Maximiliano Chile 2017,  18:Maksymilian Warsaw 2010,  88:Maxine England+Wales 1964,  96:Milian Sweden 2018,  220:Maximilien France 2002,  495:Massimiliano Switzerland 1997,  676:Maximillian USA 1999,  903:Maximillia USA 1990-1999
Old/original forms:Maximilianus Latin
Name variants:Maxi, Maximiliane, Maxine, Maksymilian, Massimiliano, Max, Maximilian, Maximiliano, Maximilien, Maximillia, Maximillian, Maxx, Milian   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Maxine

England+Wales decades 1964 88
Switzerland 1997 636
USA yearlyGraph2020 7342019 797,  2018 845,  2017 874,  2016 903,  1996 981,  1994 917,  1993 943
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